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  • Dan Cooper
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    Hi Romano, 

    It's awesome that you can see the value in Zendesk and how it can help you communicate with your users.  Zendesk is a service that drives value to many organizations and users.  While the initial pricing may not be free, you may find that you get a higher return than what you put into Zendesk depending on how you use it to provide customer experiences.

    However, there are ways you might be able to get to use Zendesk for free for some time.

    1. Zendesk offers free trials of its products, this likely won't work for a full business implementation but it could save you a month of fees to get started. 
    2. If you are a startup, you can apply for 6 months of free access to get your business up and running. 

    Outside of free, you can also look at ways to get discounts. The easiest one is to purchase the products you actually need.  The Support Suite has a lot of tools, but your use case above only requires Support.  You also can choose a plan that has features that meet your needs.  If you just need a simple email - Essentials may be all you need for $5 a month.

    It's possible that Zendesk may have other programs for you if you are in other industries and you could always reach out to their sales team and ask, but I think it'll be tough to just get things for free.  However, there are a lot of ways to get more for less that you can explore to get more out of Zendesk. 


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