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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Cat. Could you provide any additional context as to when you're running into the need for these permissions and what impact having access to them would have on your business or workflow? 

  • DB Franchising USA, LLC

    We use Zendesk as an internal ticketing system for our HQ, so we have multiple teams living and working in one instance. Because of this, we created a 'Super User' role that has fewer permissions than an Admin but more permissions than a regular staff agent - We don't want them to have access to things that affect all teams but we also want them to be able to administrate their team's processes autonomously. However, the permission selections, in general, are super limited - it's all or nothing in many ways. Theoretically, you should have a permission, on or off, button for every single feature, then as admins, we can decide what specifically we want to dish out to these more formally trained super users. This would be a major win for clients - just another way to customize the instance even further. ]



  • DB Franchising USA, LLC

    If you don't allow an agent to see all tickets, they cannot see suspended tickets. Right now we have an agent role set to only see tickets in your group - we don't want them to see all tickets because some tickets contain private information that only certain teams should see. Really they still should be able to see suspended tickets that are sent to their brand support address. Now the petty responsibility falls on our already swamped IT support, to go through the suspended tickets of all teams manually - tedious work. You should allow the ability to make suspended tickets restricted by agent group or brand making the agent more autonomous. There should be a specific privilege for being able to view suspended tickets like there is the ability to delete or merge tickets. 


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