Best method(s) for taking suggestions for new Macros from agents?

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  • Amie B

    Hey Travis,

    The best way to field new macro requests or any other type of Zendesk request/issue which one of your agents would like to raise is to set up a workflow which involves a group, a new ticket form, email address and specific macros for agents to use to kickstart the workflow for them. I'll step it out below what it looks like. 


    1. Group - If you haven't got one set up already, it's a good idea to create a new group in Zendesk which contains the admins who will be actioning upon these requests. I like to call this group SupportOps (it's a good indication to agents in the account, that this is the group who looks after the management of the Zendesk)

    2. New Ticket Form - It's a good idea to stand up a new ticket form for the SupportOps requests which you're agents will send too. If you already have an existing form called "Technical Support" which is being used for your end-users, try to name this new form something to be inline with this workflow. 

    On this form, I would recommend for you to create some custom fields so you can capture the different type of requests which are coming in. i.e New Macro Requests, update an existing macro request, new View request etc. 

    About/request type field - this one would contain all the different types of requests you can think of

    Resolution type field - this one would contain the different types of resolutions. (Sometimes the resolution on the ticket may be different to the actual request type. 

    3. Email Address - I'd recommend standup up a new separate email address in your Zendesk. i.e In the event when an agent can not create a new ticket in Zendesk to submit the request (i.e they are having login issues) they can submit the request by an email and still communicate to the supportops team via email. 

    4. View - Create yourself a new view which is only visible to agents in the new SupportOps group you've created. Ensure that the view settings are designed to only show tickets from the email address or new ticket form/ tickets assigned to this group. 

    5. Macros - You can now also create a bunch of different macros that agents can use to submit requests. 

    6. Routing - You will need to also set up some routing rules so the tickets get assigned to the SupportOps group and then appear in the view you've previously created. 

    - You'll need a trigger which will route all of the new email address to the supportOps group

    - You will need a trigger to route tickets which are created via the ticket form (from within Zendesk) to the SupportOps group. 



    This type of workflow is the same type that Zendesk Support themselves use internally when agents need to request new things in the Zendesk to help improve the overall workflow for everyone. 

    Hope this helps you with getting something up and running in your account. :)



  • Carsten Falborg -
    Community Moderator

    Hi Travis

    I would take it "offline" so to speak - I am guessing that you have meetings where all your coworkers are present? Why don't you take turns presenting your best macros? Have 2-5 people present their best macro, discuss them and decide which ones make the most sense to make publicly available? Then have the coworker copy the macro actions to you in a ticket (to a specific group in Zendesk that handles macros). Maybe even gamify the whole thing and give swag to this months macro master :-)


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