How can I remove the "empty" link?

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  • Amie B

    Hey Carlo,

    When you see the word "Empty" in your HC, it generally means that the category or section you've created and are looking at as an agent on the HC, is empty. Meaning there are no articles inside it. 

    I believe the empty word only shows up to admins/agents. If the category or section is empty, then it just simply would not appear to the end-user when your HC is public. 

    Hope this helps you from here with this one. :)



  • Carlo

    Hi Amine, thanks.

    It seems I see it also in the incognito mode:


  • Maggie Ungerboeck
    Community Moderator

    Hi Carlo,

    This thread and the link Brett points to may be helpful in removing the empty phrase:

    Hope that helps!



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