Using Jira and Gather together

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  • Mike Davis

    Hi Sandra!

    We currently use Gather and our R&D team highly utilizes JIRA. We are utilizing the OOTB JIRA integration with Zendesk which allows us to link a JIRA ticket to a Zendesk ticket. My process in Gather is to create tickets for our end users who submit feedback and suggestions and connect them to any corresponding JIRA ticket we have internally. You an also create a JIRA ticket from the Zendesk integration too, for those times there's not a corresponding ticket.

    In JIRA, you can see the tickets attached it from Zendesk, but depending on how much your developers are looking at Zendesk, you might want to make it more visible and apparent to them. To do this, we also added a field in JIRA that simply counts the number of Zendesk tickets that are linked to any particular ticket. This allows both to see a raw value for popularity of an issue/request, and also something for you to then filter and build JIRA reports off of, e.g.. anything that has an attached ticket, etc.

    On the Zendesk side you can similarly create some views in Support and/or queries and dashboards in Explore to see your ticket traffic from Gather.

    Hopefully that helps some. Let me know what questions you have, though. All the best!

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for jumping in, Mike!


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