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    Hey Luke, 

    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback! Can you provide any additional detail about how you would foresee this working, or what impacts it would have for you? 

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  • Luke Hutchings
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    The way you have the favorite query option is great. If you could basically have "all dashboards" under the "all queries" in the screenshot below or just a replicated interface like this in the dashboard selection interface. Then have a options for favorite dashboards, my dashboards, and recently updated dashboards.

    I work a lot in dashboards and primarily create queries while in a dashboard so this would help me a lot! 


  • Andrew Soderberg
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    As Admins we see all the Dashboards. I would be great to be able to 'Favorite' those that we use regularly, or those we are actively working on.

  • Eugene Orman
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    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for the great feedback.

    We plan to work on the dashboard library improvements at the later stage, but due to other highly requested features, these updates are not on our immediate roadmap.


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