Best Practices for SLAs for a support team workflow as in the details section.

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  • Gail L
    Zendesk Community Team

    I think this will depend a little on what your goals for the SLAs are. The thing you'll need to keep in mind is that first reply time targets will countdown only based on the time it takes to respond to the customer, not just the time since it was assigned to a specific group.

    Some teams have issues where there was a delay assigning the ticket manually, so that by the time it's routed to right place the SLA target has breeched. You can avoid that if there's a general SLA target that applies to all tickets.

    If you have some skillsets that will have longer reply times, you could also set up multiple policies and have different targets for those skillsets so that when the group is updated the first reply time target gets extended. 

    Hope that helps!


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