Feature Request: Allow the ability to give permission to agents to add organizations

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  • Bala Gopalan

    Alejandro, could you lmk when this feature was introduced?  Is there a doc, blog post, or KB article you could point me to?

    I was surprised today that one of the Agents (Team Leader role) was able to create a new org.  Is there a way to RBAC this, to be available only to Administrators?  Thx

    EDIT: or has this always been the case that a Team Leader role could add a new org and we just had not gotten around to that feature until today?

  • Alejandro Colon

    I am not quite sure. 

    I believe that on the enterprise version there is some capability to adjust those features but I do not run that version myself. 

    But, based on this article, the restrictions are still applied to agents.




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