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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jason - 

    We don't have a course builder, but I do know that some customers have used some Guide theme customization to create various forms of guided learning paths. You can, of course, embed video in knowledge base articles, and provide learning that way as well. 

    What kind of course building functionality are you seeking specifically? 

  • Jason

    Thanks Nicole. I have been thinking about the possibility of creating a course using the knowledge base articles in zendesk. It certainly would be the most convent path for us since it would put everything in a single place.

    One of the important functions we also need is the ability to save progress as people work their way through the content. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Jason,

    Sorry I don't have more to offer you, but we did include your question in our weekly digest to encourage anyone else who's created something like this to chime in.

  • Nils Rebehn

    Hello Jason,

    With the current features it’s not an option to achieve the functionality you desire. We are selling Zendesk Online Training Courses for Agents and Admins and considered using Zendesk Guide / Help Center as well. But we chose to host it on a dedicated platform (teachable).

    I looked into utilising Zendesk as much as possible, including Guide / HC. My team and I evaluated using the API and UI customisation but figured it would take a lot of effort to accomplish something with less features and a lot of maintenance overhead.

    If you go for a hybrid solution (say some content on your HC and the complete courses on another platform) you could use SSO (Single Sign On) to make it easier for logged-in users to transition from your HC to the courses.

    Hope that helps

    Nils / Guidoo Services


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