Filtering views using triggers


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  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Sadie Sumner,


    Thank you for participating in our Views AMA! 

    This is a good question that has a lot of solutions you can pursue. It all depends really on how much you would be interested in reworking your workflow.
    You touched on this, but one way to make it easy would be to create a different support address for each region. This article walks through sorting views based on support address: How can I route tickets to groups based on the support address they are received at?

    Another way to work with this would be to direct customers to a web form where they can select which location they are looking to book for. You can create a custom dropdown field (Adding a custom ticket field for agents and end-users) and then use that to sort tickets into Views (Using custom ticket fields in business rules and views). 

    Creating a custom dropdown field for customers or agents to select the location can be useful in other ways as well, if you have agents that triage tickets when they come in, they can skim the request and set the dropdown field which will then send it to the right place. You could also set up triggers to change the Group or Brand based on that dropdown field.

    Finally, if you'd like to stick with just one support address, and would like to keep the email workflow rather than a webform, you can try and use keywords to sort the tickets. I'm not sure how you direct your customers to contact you but assuming it's something like "if you'd like to book a bike tour email us at" you could add a not there saying "and include the location of the tour in your subject line". Then, you can create a trigger that uses the condition "Ticket: Subject text" to search the subject for the location name and sort into views based on that (Trigger conditions and actions reference).

    I hope those ideas and workflows help! If you have specifics on your workflow that you'd like to share and dig deeper into a specific solution please do reply and we can keep discussing ideas or solutions here!


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