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  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Jonathan - 

    Thanks for sharing your feedback. This notification is sent so that users know that their message was received; without it users will often end up submitting multiple tickets for the same issue as they're unsure that communication was completed. 

    We are really glad to hear that you have enough confidence in the system not to need confirmation, but this isn't a behavior we are likely to change as most users prefer to know that their ticket was submitted successfully.

    Your point about having something of substance in the message makes sense. What other information would you want to see in an automatic confirmation response? 

  • Jonathan Stanwood

    Hello and thank you.  That's interesting so given that, it wouldn't make sense to eliminate the acknowledgement email.  I can't think of anything I'd want to see other than the solution itself, but that isn't possible, obviously.  If I can come up with something, I will respond to this thread.  I do know that the subsequent emails (that say, "Your ticket has been updated" when I am the one who updated it) are more annoying than the first one.  So maybe it would make sense to eliminate them but not the first one.
    Cool beans, thanks.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Jonathan

    Are you a pure End User, or are you involved in running a Zendesk Support Help Desk?

    Let me add a few wisdoms to Nicole's information above.

    • Recently, Zendesk has reduced the amount of information that is sent out in those (initial) confirmation mails - because they have been used by spammers to actually distribute their messages to all the people who will work on new tickets. So, it is a safety precaution. 

    • If you are bothered by mails telling that you updated a ticket, then you might complain to the organization running this Zendesk instance. It is (easily) possible to prevent to send out confirmations to the people who triggered these messages, i.e. who did the update.

      However, it has to be implemented, it is not a feature that is there out-of-the-box - as Zendesk is flexible in its behaviour, it has to be taught what is expected. I spent weeks perfecting our setup in this area also because the documentation of Zendesk in this area is a bit simplified, and once you dive deep, you are just in uncharted lands.

    Hope this helps

    Yours truly


  • Alejandro Colon

    We very recently started automatically sending the information we received from the requester in the initial email response.

    Our goal is to help the requester understand what information we received and to allow them to verify everything is correct. In the wording of the email, it lets them know that updating and/or fixing any mistakes in the information will allow us to take care of the request quicker than having to wait until an agent can request the information from the requester. 

    We also use this email to set expectations on response times, give a link to our FAQs, and provide other relevant information. 

    This email obviously lets the requester know we have received the request but also allows the requester to potentially speed up the resolution. 

    We hope to leverage this to help with email submissions that are generally missing a lot of relevant information that would be needed once an agent gets to the ticket. 


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