Option to send messages/announcements to agents (by groups or individually)

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  • Alejandro Colon

    This could be quite valuable to us as well.

    We would also like the ability to send a message to a single user as to avoid collisions or other situations that would be easier to handle if the message was local to Zendesk and did not require a user to leave Zendesk to get the message.

    We are stuck using a 3rd party system that does not integrate that well with Zendesk but gives us at least some functionality.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    There are a few ways you can approach this depending on what your needs are: 

    1. For real time alerts to agents in Zendesk you can use the Notification App.  It doesn't retain messages after an agent signs out, but for day of notifications it might fit your needs. Alternatively, you might check out the awesome looking Notify app by Sweethawk (I haven't used it, but it looks nice). 
    2. You can also look at using Zendesk Guide articles and having your team Subscribe to a section for updates.  Then whenever you post an article to that section, those articles would email your agents.  If they miss an email, you'd have the Help Center to fall back on for those updated. You could do the same with Zendesk Gather if you are more community based. 
    3. You can use the Proactive Tickets app to create a ticket that would create a ticket out to a subset of users.  This would allow you to track action on those tickets if it was something you needed to complete. This one might be finicky, but might be worth looking into if you are okay with alerting while also increasing ticket volumes. 

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