Creating a "Gmail User" org to group general email users into one organization


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  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Chuck Hemesath,

    I looked into the ticket that you raised and it looks like one of our Technical Support Engineers responded to you yesterday evening. The issue seems to be related to the organization being renamed. However if you want to take a look at your email, or the customer portal, the specifics should be there for you. I wouldn't want to get into some of the account specific items in a public forum but please respond to that ticket if you have any further concerns! 

    If you aren't seeing the ticket response please let us know here and I'll be glad to follow up with the advocate in question.


  • Dave

    Chuck, I noticed your concern about people in your Gmail Organization being able to see each other tickets. This article might be helpful: Creating, managing, and using organizations.

    Within an organization, you can select a setting so members can either see all tickets in the organization (a Shared Organization) or only their own tickets.

    The area I pointed you to describes how to create a Shared Organization (you can do the opposite for your approach) and how to set up specific users to override that setting as needed.

    David Sarnowski - Zendesk


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