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  • Pulkit Pandey
    Community Moderator

    Hey Yilin Wei

    You can achieve this by using some js, To update the links please follow the steps 

    • Search for the following class on the contribution template "my-activities-sub-nav" 
    • Then add the following class "contribution-nav" on the element of the above class


    • Then add the following script at the bottom of your script.js
    $(document).ready(function() { 
    $('.contribution-nav .collapsible-nav-list li:nth-child(1) a').text('ADD YOUR UPDATED TEXT');
    $('.contribution-nav .collapsible-nav-list li:nth-child(2) a').text('ADD YOUR UPDATED TEXT');
    $('.contribution-nav .collapsible-nav-list li:nth-child(3) a').text('ADD YOUR UPDATED TEXT');

    Hoping your theme using JQuery

    Please let me know if it solves your Query



    Team Diziana


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