Client-specific Content Delivery

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  • Craig Willis

    Hi Manoj, 

    Are these links within KB articles, or are they links that you’re applying to the design of your portal?

    Both should be possible, however, 1 is easier than the other.

    1. Within KB Articles. - If this is the case you can control the visibility of the article based on customer groups.  Have a tag for certain customers, and then only show the article to the customers you wish to see them.

    2. Portal Design - I’ve achieved this before using some code that will again, look for a user tag and then only display part of the design to show the link or not.  I did this to hide the Submit a Request link for certain users.

    If it’s option 2, let me know and I’ll see if I can dig out the custom code that I used, with the obvious caveat that custom code is not supported by Zendesk!


  • Amie B

    Hey Manoj,

    Craig is on the right track above, however, you can look at using the user segments feature on the guide, which links into Craig's point 1 above. You could simply put the links into articles, and then allow access to the articles to the user's who only need access to them. You can check out more info on how to use user segments in Guide here:

    Setting view permissions on articles with user segments

    This would avoid the need of using custom code to hide/display certain information to certain people. 



  • Manoj Abraham

    Thank you, Craig and Amie! It definitely seems like the approach through KB articles is the way to go. I will explore this option. I may be reaching back out depending on how it turns out! :)

    Again, thank you!


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