Add Submit a Request link for all the User

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  • Craig Willis

    Hi Khyati,

    I don’t think it’s possible, Agents and Managers have access to the Zendesk Agent interface and so it will re-direct them to login there automatically.

    You can provide them a link like this:

    https://[YOUR DOMAIN]

    And if they aren’t already logged into Zendesk or they open it in the browsers Incognito or Private Browsing mode, then it would take them directly to the form.

    I believe the understanding is that if they are Agents/Managers they should be able to create a ticket in the Zendesk Agent view themselves.

    If you are trying to expose the link for testing purposes you can always select an End User account in Zendesk and ‘Assume Identity’ of that account and see it then.  Do remember when doing that any actions you perform will be as that end user so you need to be careful or create a test end user.




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