Searches that yield 0 results should be based on logged in and logged out users

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  • Monika Kovacic
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nadee Wotzko

    As search is not part of the current scope for Knowledge Base reporting in Explore, I'll interpret this a a feature request for Explore reporting. 

    Let me know if I understand you correctly - What you'll like to see in Explore is reporting on searches that yield 0 search results by user role. The user role would be similar to what you find in our current Knowledge Base EAP reporting, so seeing staff member (signed in), end-user (signed in) or anonymous (anyone not signed in). Will that help you?


  • Nadee Wotzko

    Hi Monika, 

    If that's the case, then yes, in Explore, if there is a possibility to see this information, that would be great!


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