Segment Suspended Ticket View Just like the other views

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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Shredder (or Shredder Pro) may be worth checking into.  They allow you to create processing rules that make suspended ticket management much easier.  I've found it really useful for trigger like processing of suspended tickets and if you are mostly sorting by support address, it can make this a really easy process for some teams.

  • DB Franchising USA, LLC

    I dont want to sort this Dan. I don't want to be involved at all with suspended tickets - I want to rid myself of this responsibility. I want the teams to be autonomous and manage their own suspended tickets. I want the suspended ticket view to act like all the other views - meaning you can lock down the view according to what group you are in. Simple idea, simple fix. It would improve my life x100, I spend too much time every day sorting through these tickets for these teams. 


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