Why do some posts get marked as spam?

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  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mike,

    Our spam filter is mandatory and that's good for protection of your brand and ours :-) The reasoning behind why something might be marked as spam is a very complex decision making process that I can't account for here, but I think you can imagine that just like with e.g. email spam or other types of spam, it's also a "best effort" game where sometimes there will be cases of wrong classifications. I would recommend you "Follow" the spam page. Then you can get email alerts when it is time to review it.

  • Mike Davis

    Thanks for follow-up, Kasper, and the info.

    Indeed, I do follow the spam page but I'll see if I can find any commonalities too between the few I've seen. I was curious if there was a reasoning, but I understand too its somewhat complex.

    Thanks again and have a super day!


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