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  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    That is fine yes

  • Andrew J. Mills
    Community Moderator

    That is fine yes, on any level of plan. Could you not just have a generic site that covers several brands? We just add multiple logos to outgoing emails etc. I guess if you need brand separation you would need the multi brand option.

  • gracie

    Thank you Andrew J. Mills

    We've run support with one generic email that is the company name - like the umbrella business. But a lot of our customers got confused why a different domain is responding to them cuz they expect like, where they bought the worksheets, to be the one talking to them. :D

    Def worth considering the plan with multiple brands though.

    Thanks again, appreciate the help! :)

  • gracie

    followup question please Andrew J. Mills

    i think we might actually go for the next plan up, Suite Growth. so we can have up to 5 brands.

    we have a dozen edu sites though. so my question is the same but for brands. can we have a "brand" where there are multiple (different domain) support emails? i'm thinking we can combine a few to fit all of them in the 5 brands allocated to us and like you said, just add different logos or signatures for the different sites.

    thank you! :)

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi gracie

    From experience, I advise to be cautious with brands.

    Indicators to use brands are:

    • you need a dedicated help center for each site
    • you have few customers "spanning" sites, i.e. each customer would usually have tickets pertaining to just one site

    Indicators to refrain from using brands:

    • one common help center is just fine
    • you have several customers who "span" sites, opening tickets from different sites, and who want to have a common overview of all their tickets with you.

    We initially had a setup with three brands:

    • general tickets (also internal ones)
    • tickets for our flagship product, a digital business process platform
    • SLA tickets for large projects using our platform

    And then, our SLA customers started to have some product related issues, and we could not provide them a shared view of all tickets they had opened.

    Today, we use just one brand, and manage the type of ticket with e-mail support addresses and tagging on the tickets. This gives each customer their view where they see all of their tickets in one overview.

    With brands, you can also make sure that your mails to the customers are branded with logos and all.

    However, I think you could do that also if you used Liquid Markup a bit differently. The trick is to use tags (like "site_1") to denote "brands" or in your case, the site that generated the ticket.

    hope that helps


  • gracie

    Thank you Peter Hochstrasser definitely something to consider.


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