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    Sudeshna Basu
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  • Phil Grove
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Lou, we have been gradually rolling out this change over the past week. We finalised the roll out today so you should now have the new experience in Admin Center. We would love to hear your thoughts.

    Regards, Phil.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    As usual, there's light and shadow. Some things are easier, but others got harder:

    • it is easier to access organizations and end users, however, I rarely need the latter and thus eating up one slot in the green bar at the left is a high price to pay.
      May I suggest to make the selection of functions added to the green bar configurable?

    • It is harder to change agent roles, as you need to leave the user account and go to the admin center using the link provided. 
      Is there a way to define the default role assigned to an agent?
      In our company, it would be light agent, but contributor seems to be the defined default.


    Yours truly


  • Anthony Stenhouse

    Sharing direct links to Triggers was an important part of our workflow, especially when debugging issues with other people.

    In the new UI, it is no longer possible to view a Triggers URL, instead the URL is always https://[hostname].zendesk.com/admin/objects-business-rules/rules/triggers

    Can you please add a sharing link or another method so we can continue to share Trigger URLs?

    Thank you.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    As this would have broken lots of my documentation, I checked immediately upon seeing your comment.

    If I open a specific trigger, its complete URL is still given in the old admin UI. So, I think the feature is still as it has been, and can be used as such.

    I use links to triggers for instance in deployment procedures, where I ask the deployer to update the current version of a software running on a site after he completed its deployment.

    @Zendesk: May I suggest to add an item to the clone/deactivate/delete triple-point menu, reading "permalink"?

  • Stephen


    I must agree with Peter and Anthony's posts above:

    • Configurable side bar would be fantastic in Support - we rarely require access to End Users directly, so being able to toggle this off would be great.
    • Not having URLs for triggers is difficult - I found that useful when troubleshooting problems and sharing info.

    One note on the new Team Members page:

    • It would be great if we could see at a glance who is a Light Agent and who isn't - I appreciate that you can now filter on Light Agent as a role, but being able to see it when accessing the page would be very helpful.

    Best regards,

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    FYI: I just tried to add the trigger ID to the new admin UI URL - and it opens the trigger, as it does in the old admin UI.


  • Christine Massone

    We have to search by organization.  We have multiple customers with the same company name.  Not having this ability is going to hinder us.  Right now the only way I see for us to search by company name is at the top in the search field; but then we have to take extra steps to find the company we need.  Not liking this new admin center 


    I see you moved the organizations to their own space.  Just means more clicking but its better than the search field at the top of the site

  • Stephen

    Peter - thanks for that info!

    Another mine thing, I noticed. When you click on your User Profile on the Admin Centre, it doesn't have the option to request Help.

    I think it would be beneficial to have the Help option here as well.

  • Mark Powell

    The new "Team Members" page has 2 key missing features, which used to be in the old "Agents" interface...

    1. The Role of the user - essential to see at a glance

    2. The (X of X seats used) prompt - helping you see how many agent seats you have remaining.

    Both of these are very important when managing agents.

  • Mike Martello

    It looks like the new Team Members page doesn't let you search for an agent; you have to scroll through alphabetically to find who you're looking for. That's not really practical when you have 31 pages of agents, as we do. We were told months ago that the improved Admin Center would have a way to search for agents since flipping back and forth between tabs is also impractical and time consuming. Hopefully this agent search feature is still coming?

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    We are utterly dependent on QuickTabs to consolidate all tickets in one browser tab.

    So the huge win (and frankly the only real selling point so far) of the new Admin Center is the ability to open admin pages side-by-side with tickets (i.e. in different browser tabs).

    But when I open Triggers from the new Admin Center, it opens back in the primary ticket ZD tab, so not useful for that.

    For Macros and Views, it worked as expected.


    EDIT: And to be explicit, I strongly agree with those who have said that it's crucial to be able to reference a specific URL for each trigger.

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    I should add, in the "kudos" department -- the "Search Admin Center" and "Recently Viewed" features are nice touches. 

  • Pratishtha Nahata
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @... and @...,

    I'm pleased to say, we do have the option to hide 'Organizaitons' from the Support navigation bar.

    Quoting from this article:

    To enable or disable the Organizations page

    1. In Admin Center, click the Workspaces icon () in the sidebar, then select Agent workspace > Agent interface.
    2. Click the Enable Organizations list checkbox to enable or disable the page.
    3. Click Save.

      If you don't see the Organizations icon appear in the sidebar in Support, try refreshing the page.

    Thank you,


  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @..., @..., @... - we have captured the trigger url issue in a ticket prioritized for resolution.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  • Parag Pradhan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello @..., thank you for your feedback.  Please clarify the steps you took to open the Triggers page in Admin Center.  What specific action routed you to the primary ticket ZD tab? 

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi @...

    Yes, that's good news - but the main concern is the customers/end users entry - please make that selectable, too.

    We're already getting questions from our agents.

    Yours truly


  • Christopher Wooten

    One thing I have noticed is that looking at views takes you out of the Admin Center.

    We have views for a lot of different use cases would be nice when you select to open a view it opened in a new tab instead of taking you out of the Admin center.

    The button does not even allow you to right click to open in new tab. Just stuck having to go back and forth which is inefficient. 

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    @... --

    Short answer -- any and all methods of opening the trigger page do this.

    In more detail: 

    To repeat, I use the ZD Quicktab extension (in Edge on Windows) -  the purpose of this extension is to open all tickets in the same browser tab, and the behavior that I'm seeing is sort of like that, though undesirable and fortunately not true for all settings pages.

    That said -- 

    A) On the Admin Center Home main page (not sidebar) click on "Objects and rules" -- this opens "Ticket Forms" (why this???)  page in ZD support tab.

    B) On the Admin Center side bar under "Objects and rules", click on "Triggers" -- this opens the Trigger page in ZD support tab. This is true whether I click on "Triggers" under Object and rules section or in the Recently Viewed section

  • Joel Hellman

    I'll comment on the design only, not the functionality in the admin applications.

    I'll just agree the importance of the Views, Triggers, Automation, Users (team members) pages in daily admin tasks, I feel for me those are often accessed and I see plenty room for improvements there. 

    That said I thing the new Admin Center design is good. I prefer the new UI over the old one. Here are some good points for me:

    • It's very welcome admin is moved to a separate UI.
    • Items are more logically grouped, I think. 
    • I like there is a separate favicon that doesn't inherit the brand icon, it makes it easier to see which tab is the "product tab, i.e. Support" and which is the Admin one. 


    Feedback on "Recently reviewed"

    I'd like two improvements to the Recently Viewed feature. 

    1. Keeps too few items and therefore forget the items I need while I'm doing common admin tasks

    Recently Viewed shows 5 items. That might sound like plenty, but if the idea is that it should keep a handy shortlist of the items you'd need for a typical "admin task", I find it's too few most of the time. 

    I typically need to acces more than 5 items most of the time within the same task session, and I often jump around between them at any order.

    For example, I might typically access within a admin task session:

    • Views
    • Groups
    • Triggers
    • Forms
    • Ticket Fields
    • Macros
    • Zendesk Support Apps

    So that's 7. I'd like if the Recently Viewed is a bit generous how many item it remembers.

    For me, I'd like 8 or 10. I wouldn't need more than for a single session, and to many I feel like it would lose its purpose. But the current limit I just about pass every time, and I have to navigate in the full sidebar menu.


    2. Don't auto-collapse Recently viewed after access

    I don't understand the design choice here to be honest.

    Every time I want to access a Recently viewed item, I need to click on it, and then click on the item within that list.

    I don't like this because:

    • If its collapsed, I can't see which my recent items are. (I need to click it to first see if it's in the list.)
    • It's an extra click, this annoys me. (I just want to quickly navigate to get my task done, that extra click interrupts me in my work.)

    If I access the Recently viewed - just keep it open for me, so I can do quick navigation, that's the purpose of it, right?

  • Joel Hellman

    @... and @... about the Zendesk QuickTab chrome addon.

    I agree that it's a bit annoying now, will this behavior disappear once the legacy Admin Center part (that lives in 2 places now) are fully moved from the old location? 

    @... what I did (while waiting for the Admin Center to be removed from Support, at which point I hope this issue disappear, though I might be wrong), is I switched state from "all agent links" to "just ticket links" while doing some admin task, did you try that?

    I agree that doesn't fully resolve it, since I typically want to open User and Organization objects in the same tab as well, i.e. use QuickTab there, but at least I access the tickets this way, that's the most common Item for me I access with QuickTab.  

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Thanks, Joel, for some reason the current version of QuickTab (installed a few months ago on a new machine / browser) doesn't include these options (actually it has no extension options available). Quicktab was removed from the store for many months, and AFAICT when it was put back in (by ZD rather than the original author), it was different. Or maybe this is because I'm using Edge these days, not Chrome.

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    @... I agree with Joel's comments on "Recently Viewed". 

  • Joel Hellman

    @... just to make sure, did you click the extension's icon when you where on browsing your *.zendesk.com/agent url?

    I think they made a change in a new version some time back, so the extension options are active when you are actually on your support agent pages. E.g. I can left-click the extension's icon when I'm at my Zendesk Support instance and the options I screenshot:ed, but when I'm browsing the new Admin Center, clicking it doesn't offer the options. 

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    Brilliant, Joel, thank you, that does the trick for the extension, and it resolves my original complaint! (Though I still wonder why this is an issue for triggers but not for Macros and Views.)

  • Trudy Slaght

    I haven't had much chance to look at everything just yet, but would really like it if in the schedule view, expired holidays would just not show anymore.  Similar to how deactivated macros or forms live on a separate tab. 

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    I just used the Audit Log.

    It's OK, BUT may I suggest to let us filter for an object, too - so I can see quickly who changed a name of an agent who has married, but did not change the Mail Address and then created an end user with the same name and the new address.

    This gives me the opportunity to show the admin who did that how to do it right. If I can only filter by actor as it is at this time, I need to have a pretty clear suspicion who did this - or waste time to find it out.

    Thanks for listening


  • Lou
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2022

    I believe someone earlier mentioned the views. I agree. I search for views in the admin center, and when I open them, it becomes an additional browser tab with support loaded. If I want to go back to Admin Center, I have to open an additional (3rd) tab.

    Also, the ID for triggers, automations and macros is crucial to us. We use them to track usage and identify tickets recently impacted by them.

  • Seth Rouggly

    Overall, I like have a dedicated Admin panel. I like the look of it and how things are organized.

    Search is nice and fits with the way Zendesk works in other areas.

    I Really like the Idea of the "Recently Viewed", but wish it stayed open and did not auto collapse.

    Most of the setting I used worked as expected, except for "Automations". I was able to navigate to the automation I wanted to edit, but once done, I could not find a way to navigate back to the list without clicking on something else and then back to Automations.

    Though there are a lot of things I like about the Admin Center, It feels unfinished. There seems to be missing steps here and there. There are also tasks that seem to be a lot more clicks than they used to be.

    Our instance has connected SSO, and so adding a user as an agent requires a search in the main support, where I can change them to "Staff", but have to click the link to open the user directly in Admin Center to set as agent, then go back to the user page in support, refresh the page, set the permissions level and then add them to the proper groups. It would be nice to be able to do all that in the admin center. If that is already possible, it is not obvious.

  • Tom Dupuche
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for your feedback on the new Team members page preview @..., @... and @....

    It's great that you've being using it and providing feedback before it moves from the preview to the default experience.

    Here's my update on your feedback.

    1. Ability to search the Team members list > We've heard this from a number of customers and we're working on it now 

    2. Display roles for a Team member in the list > We've heard this one a lot too. We'll add it before the new Team members page becomes the default experience.

    A question for you - unlike the list you see in Support which displays the Support role, in Admin Center the new Team members list is for all products. So we could show up to 7 roles for each Team member. Any feedback on what's most important?

    3. @... I'm keen to understand more about the seat usage and what you need here. Let me know if it's ok for me to email you directly.


    Tom Dupuche

    Senior Product Manager - Team and License management



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