Let me search for Articles by ID

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  • Ryan Boyer

    I agree with this enhancement request. On a support side, many of our agents routinely use the same knowledge articles over and over to resolve issues. Searching by title or keywords sometimes takes longer than if they were able to search by the number generated in the URL. Also, because other tools like Zendesk have this built into search (i.e., searching by number), it's a gap when integrating between two systems.

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Just to confirm that both of you would want search based on ID in search interfaces like the KC App, Help Center as well as in the Manage Articles interface. Is that correct? 

  • Ryan Boyer

    Hi, Ryan McGrew. Thanks for reaching out! Yes, searching via an "ID" across all three interfaces (KC App, Help Center portal, and Guide admin/Manage articles view) would be ideal.

  • Joanne Chow

    Another use case is when a preview link has expired, it is difficult to find which article was awaiting review. The article preview link contains the article ID so being able to search via article ID would be extremely helpful. Thank you. 


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