Issue with Agents taking tickets from other groups


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  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hi @...,

    That is a bit of a tough one, for sure!  One thing that might help is to leverage the "My Activities" portal in the help center.  This would allow users to see their tickets without giving them the ability to reassign them.  The other thing that comes to mind is to leverage Explore to create dashboards that report on things like tickets by group to give some visibility into queues without exposing the tickets themselves.  Hope this helps!

    Brandon Tidd
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  • Heather Rommel
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    Hi William Bray,

    I agree with Brandon on the My Activities page on the portal, but I could see that as an inconvenience to Agents possibly.

    My thoughts are that you can add a placeholder to your trigger that sends the "your ticket has been received" email that identifies which Group it has been received by. That might help a bit. 

    Additionally, although it might be cumbersome to set up, I'd recommend thinking about putting in a series of triggers that alerts you to correct this behavior. Basically look for when the Assignee AND Group changes and then add a tag, and send yourself (or a group of people, maybe managers?) and let them know this agent is going outside of the process, please retrain.



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