Android: Update Support Annotations

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  • Gabriel Ittner

    The dependency on support annotations will prevent users from upgrading to Android Gradle Plugin 8.0 when it is released and already leads to annoying warnings with 7.0. Please prioritize this


    WARNING:Your project has set `android.useAndroidX=true`, but configuration `debugRuntimeClasspath` still contains legacy support libraries, which may cause runtime issues.
    This behavior will not be allowed in Android Gradle plugin 8.0.
    Please use only AndroidX dependencies or set `android.enableJetifier=true` in the `` file to migrate your project to AndroidX (see for more info).
    The following legacy support libraries are detected:
    debugRuntimeClasspath -> com.zendesk:support:5.0.4 -> com.zendesk.suas:suas:1.2.0 ->
  • Mick O'Donnell
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Simon & Gabriel,

    Thanks for posting this! We've prioritized upgrade work on the Zendesk SDKs to ensure that all of our Android dependencies are up to date, and will have a resolution for this in the next future. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Volodymyr Svydenko

    Hi, Zendesk!

    just upgraded my project to 


    But, 5.0.9 still depends on support-annotations

    • com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.71828
    • com.zendesk.belvedere2:belvedere:3.0.4
    • com.zendesk:common-ui:4.0.4
    • com.zendesk:messaging:5.2.4
    • com.zendesk:guide:1.0.8
    • com.zendesk:support:5.0.9

    To remove legacy support library it needs just to upgrade picasso to the latest 2.8 version.

    Do you have plans to do this?

    I want to remove Jetifier from my project and zendesk is the one, who use this outdated lib.

    Simon messaged regarding this issue almost year ago.


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