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  • Vigo W

    Hello, what is the best way to express the conditions for when a ticket is created/updated or deleted? 

    I've noticed there is a field "update_type" which has values: "Create" or "Change", so I think the following means when a ticket is updated or created? 

    "any": [
    {"field": "update_type", "value": "Create"},
    {"field": "update_type", "value": "Change"}


    Somewhere else I've also read there is a "status" field, as well as "Ticket Is", but not sure how those translate to conditions. Additionally, I'm not sure how "ticket is deleted" is expressed as a condition, or if it's supported at all.

    Appreciate any insight, thank you!

  • Sushant Patade

    Agree with comment Vigo, not getting any input as how webhook will be triggered for Delete operation

  • Chris H

    Hello Vigo,

    Unfortunately delete is not an event that can be used in a trigger or automation. The status field is covered in the Additional conditions for triggers, automations, and views section stating
    status "is", "new", "open", "pending", "hold", "solved", or "closed"
    The ticket is portion is used in the UI for the created and updated conditions which is covered by the portion you copied in that code block.


    Chris H
    Technical Support Architect

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