Report on When Tag Was Added to Ticket

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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Just a suggestion.

    You are correct that Explore cannot report on the timestamp of when a tag is added to a ticket.

    But check boxes and drop down fields can be associated with tags. You can track when a custom field is added to a ticket or changed on a ticket.  So it may not be possible for all your tags, but perhaps some can be associated with custom fields and reported on with the Ticket Updates dataset.

  • CJ Johnson

    It's so bizarre to me that this isn't possible. This would vastly simplify a lot of things and not require a ton of custom fields as a workaround. 

  • Agreed on this. Tags are a fantastic way to track the topics and trends of tickets.  If we had the ability to report upon when a tag was added, we could take this to the next level. 

    Use case example: How many tickets in the last 24 hours have had tag X added?

    Today, we could report "how many tickets with tag X were updated in the last 24 hours," but that is solving a different metric.

    This would also assist with reporting on "macro usage" since the solve for that is to add tags when a macro is applied.


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