Ability to easily report on Last Update by Assignee

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  • Jim James

    Any updates on the ETA for this oversight? 

  • Raj Hazarika

    Such a shame that Explore doesn't have this common functionality . Could the Zendesk team let us know when we might have this available ? tx

  • Daniel Williams

    This is a pretty critical function that's missing..

  • Crystal Shepherd

    Agreed, not being able to report the date since the last update the same way you would report on days since created is a much-needed feature.

  • 000000 Danjoint

    I think this can be done in a Tickets > Updates History report by using the Agent Updates metric and filtering by either Time - Ticket Update or Time - Ticket Last Updated...or am I missing something? 

  • Ulises Soto

    Hi 000000 Danjoint, the issue here is that the last ticket update includes system updates caused by business rules


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