CC'ed contacts causes end users being created

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  • Kerry Scotney

    Totally agree with this. Happy for the sender's account to be created if necessary but not the, sometimes endless, CC's.  

  • Neil Senior

    Auto creating cc'ed email addresses causes a lot of invalid accounts.  Please allow the ability to disable this or by default, only create an account for the sender.  Thank you!

  • Raymond Pina

    Would Allowlist & Blocklist prevent this? For example if we placed all of our corporate domains on the Allowlist & place an wildcard on the Blocklist would that prevent the CC'ed emails addresses from Zendesk automatically creating an Zendesk account?

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Raymond,

    If you allow CCs on tickets, then anyone who CC'd on the ticket will be added as an end-user. You can check this article for reference: How can a user be created in Zendesk? 
    I'm afraid there is no way to turn off the feature wherein CC'd users are automatically created as end-users in Zendesk. I hope that answers your question. 
    Thank you!

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