CC all/select users in an organization when a ticket is created under that organization

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    Matt Bagnara
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Kyle Pinkley 👋🏻

    Matt here from the Zendesk Product team. Thanks for your feedback. I'd love to learn more about your particular use case, can you please share why you would like to CC or select all users when a ticket is created under an Organization?


  • Elise Doherty

    This would be so useful! Found a similar feature that was beta in 2008 with no update since 2009...

  • Michele Barard

    Hi @...

    We have a similar need. Our software allows superusers to create tickets on behalf of the agency; however, if individual users manage to create tickets themselves, they need to be copied on the tickets automatically, as our team can't have to remember to CC a particular user or set of users for every customer we serve.

  • Mohit Saran

    We also have a use case to cc other end users while creating a new ticket. For e.g. our PO team submits a zendesk ticket but also want to cc users in other teams who don't use zendesk. There is an option  in Zendesk to add CC to the ticket ticket intake form  but it requires users to be  signed in first (and in our instance we do not require users to signed before creating a ticket). 

  • Jason Oliver

    Just here to echo other comments. As some of our clients want the entire staff to be able to submit tickets but also copy specific managers in all tickets, it is critical to have a clean way to automate the process. Our best solution currently is to manually add them from a separate list that always has to be accessible.

  • Jake Warren

    This would be an amazing feature. There are some key leaders in orgs that want to have the ability to step in on all support tickets for their org, but it requires someone to manually CC that person (either the requester or assignee). 

  • Brent Ervin

    We absolutely need this feature as well.  Some of our clients have internal IT teams that need to see ever ticket their users open with us.

  • Arbis Garcia

    As a user of Zendesk, I strongly urge the company to implement the feature of CC-ing all or select users within an organization when a ticket is created by another user under that organization. This will not only benefit me, but from the responses we have received, it is clear that many other users also need this tool.

    The ability to automatically CC relevant parties in an organization when a ticket is created or updated can significantly improve communication and reduce manual tasks. However, to fully utilize this feature, it is crucial to have a system for organizing users within Zendesk. This is where the need for organizations becomes apparent.

    By creating organizations and assigning users, we can easily CC all relevant parties when a ticket is created without requiring manual tasks such as forwarding emails or updating contact lists. This will save us time and allow us to focus on providing better customer service.

    Furthermore, having organizations in Zendesk can provide valuable insights into communication patterns and help identify areas for improvement. By analyzing ticket data by organization, we can better understand common issues and work to address them proactively.

    In conclusion, implementing organizations within Zendesk is not just a convenience but a necessity for many users. It will significantly simplify our processes and improve communication within our team and with our customers. I urge Zendesk to prioritize this feature for the benefit of its users.


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