How do I use keywords to transfer a customer from the chat bot to a live agent?

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  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Chris,

    What you're seeing in this screenshot is that the user has selected an "Upgrade my plan" quick reply option, explicitly configured in Flow Builder to connect them with a live agent. Quick replies let you present a set list of options that the user can choose from, each leading to a different path as defined in Flow Builder. Flow Builder is something you can use with Zendesk Messaging, which is different from live chat. Here are some useful links that I think may be helpful:

    I hope that helps clarify things!

  • Chris

    Helpful... Thank you! What about Automated Direct Replies? That would be extremely helpful, as well. Zendesk mentions them in the same article, but not how to build them. 


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