Will Explore include actual ticket comments?

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    Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi there, 

    My appologies for the belated reply. We appreciate your feedback about the need to have the ticket comments available in your reports. Unfortunately, we are not planning to expose this information in Explore datasets in the forsiable feature. 

    Currently, Zendesk users can access individual tickets and check their comments by clicking on the Ticket ID in the Table visualization. So, ticket comments are one click away from any Zendesk user. 


  • Jamie

    Not sure why this isn't an option yet, clearly everyone here needs this type of reporting. Any update on when this will be available to us?  When you only have 1 agent, you don't need to see the agent information as much as you need consumer insights. pretty disappointed in this. 

  • Laure

    In the context of reporting to Customers, we really need to recover the contents of tickets: initial request + subsequent responses (in separate cells).

  • Leora Machlis

    Analysis of ticket comments (often times based on tags) is a critical part in capturing the voice of the customer, and is used heavily to gain greater insights into trends our team is seeing, Please expedite adding this functionality in ZenDesk!

  • SHorowitz

    We would really like to have this feature as well.  Our previous ticket/crm tool did provide this functionality. It did limit the field to say 300 characters, so maybe not the entire comment, but enough to understand the ask.

  • Brandon Cowan 12345678


    When will this be available?

  • Jan Wandrey

    I look forward to get this this reporting feature in the near future. We miss it and we would love to use it!

  • Fiona

    +1 - would love to be able to pull internal or public comments from tickets with a particular tag

  • Luisina Romero

    +1 We also want this feature!

  • CPM BCN Infrastructure

    +1 This is really urgent for us to have

  • bill cicchetti

    Comments, even just last comment, would be great.

    Our CSM's provide reports to their clients with information on their ticket history.  There are times these lists can be large and clients cannot easily identify what a particular ticket is in reference to based solely on the information we are currently able to provide.

    Either the client or the CSM have to take the extra steps and time to retrieve the ticket in ZD to view the information. Not ideal.


  • Jeff Southworth

    The full richness of the Zendesk product is awesome, however, not being able to report on the customer comments does not make sense. 


    The purpose of Zendesk is customer service - why is this valuable reporting data not easily available or accessible to train our support staff and prove to our customers that their opinion matters and that it will be acted upon by Management?


    Zendesk Support Manager responded saying "Longevity of a request is not a data point we use to prioritize what should be developed; just because it's something someone brought up a while ago doesn't mean it's the most important thing to the greatest number of people. We look at how many users an improvement will impact, how significant/business critical the functionality is, whether it's current state is actually preferable for the majority of users, and what other developments we have coming that may solve for the problem in the future, to name a few of the factors."


    I would say over 4 years of customers asking for this feature is "significant".

  • Jitendra

    +1. Many times public comments are much helpful to get some insights

  • Ticket Triggered Response

    Agreed!  It is quite tedious to click through hundreds or more tickets to see related issues.

  • Abby Olorunnife

    +1 for this request as well, to help with analysis for the voice of the customer 

  • William Chase Myer

    + 1 

    I can understand the difficulties around extracting such data within a given time slot as well as the sheer amount of comments associated.

    A few Questions:

    1. Would a compromise of filtering for Keywords be more feasible? Potentially migrate the "contains the following word/string" condition found in triggers/automations in support to explore? 
    2. Could inquiries submitted via web form have the initial comment/question pulled more easily?

    Use Case: I want to see in a more granular view what questions are coming into the environment based on the tags/macros selected.


    I have 4,000+ tickets categorized as Product::Product Question::Fit/Size. I want to see if they are looking for specific measurements, fabric type/quality, etc... 

  • Rob Mullins

    It surprises me we are unable to run a report in Explore on how often an error message occurs on ticket comments. 

    We came from a system which was written in-house which had this functionality, yet the reporting functionality in Zendesk feels rather cumbersome in comparison.

    Please can we have the ability to report on comments in Explore to be added to a release in the near future in the order we can produce sensible MI reports? 


  • ialexdodge

    Hi, if we could include ticket comments in reports. I give a monthly report to our product team on what our users are requesting. It would be nice to create a report that will automatically send the first comment submitted by the end-user to multiple teammates. Right now, this is a manual process. 

  • Dawn Phelps

    Adding my +1 for this added functionality. It's helpful to be able to capture greater insight into contact reason beyond high level ticket categories. Even if can't show all comments, perhaps a way to add functionality to pull reporting based on selected keywords. We can see the ticket subject line which helps, but the full comments can yield greater insight.

  • Tyler Tew

    As with everyone else in the comments, I agree that this really needs to be implemented. It would give us significantly more options for reporting.

    From what users are saying to how agents are responding, comment details could provide a great deal of insight.

  • Stephen Fusco
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hello Celicia,

    Unfortunately, ticket comment data is not synced with Explore. Ticket comments pose a particular challenge to our developers as that data is generally large and syncing it in an suitable timeframe is still quite difficult. 

    It is possible this may be implemented in the future but there is no timeline for that at this time. All the same, i'll make sure to submit your feedback to our product team. 



  • Hillary Latham

    This would be helpful for reporting on use and action on workflow steps.  I cannot report on macro usage or on tag changes in Explore either.  It's very limiting for how to report on if and when my agents are using workflows.  The workaround mentioned is to log data in a field when workflow steps happen, but it's not practical to add more fields to each of my forms to capture data solely for reporting.

  • Рамис Батров

    Comments can be uploaded via api, right? (GET /api/v2/tickets/{ticket_id}/comments.json)
    Question: why explore does not have the ability to build a custom request to upload the values of the "comment" field? Does not fit in the head.
    The problem was announced a year ago, is there any progress in this request?

  • Sean

    This would be helpful if we could include ticket comments in reports. I give a monthly report to our product team on what our users are requesting. It would be nice to create a report that will automatically send the first comment submitted by the end-user to multiple teammates. Right now, this is a manual process. 

  • Liene Verzemnieks

    Adding a vote for this: our latest use case is trying to pull all tickets with a given search term in the comments. It's especially important when we retrospectively discover, or become curious about, ticket trends that aren't represented in metadata.

    I've been looking for workarounds but have only found dead ends so far:

    I can search for tickets containing a term in Zendesk proper, but cannot select them to edit them (to e.g. add a tag for further reporting), and can't export to CSV from there.

    I can't create a view from them (sorting by a search term), even though the view would allow us to select & export from there.

    I would be very okay with this taking a while; taking an hour or a day (or several days) would be much preferable to the current status of "can't ever gather this data."

  • CJ Johnson

    This would be a fantastic addition. It doesn't make sense in my mind, that I can build triggers based on the presence of a comment string, but not in reports. I'm working around this by creating triggers that add a tag if a specific comment string is identified, so that I can report on those strings, but this doesn't work retroactively on older tickets and is pretty tedious and manual. 

  • Jennifer Landry

    I agree, this is a necessity! While I understand it is overwhelming magnitude of data that needs to be parsed, these reports, as they currently function, are really only useful for "number" metrics and nothing else, such as the needs of "Voice of Customer". Please consider this as an addition to your product roadmap in the very near future.

  • PT Dadlani

    Can someone provide a timeline on this?  Having access to comments allows for more meaningful reporting - especially if you can pull a report on specific comments - such as all that use a particular macro.  Please advise.

  • John DiGregorio

    As Zendesk doesn't allow public reporting on the community we get a number of requestes from customers asking for reports showing the last public comment.  Today, we are having to export the report to Excel and then look in each ticket for the last comment, cut and past.   Not bad when a customer has 5 issue but trying doing it weekly for 50 cases - not a lot of fun

    I have worked with numerous other packages in the past and they all offer this

  • Chris Grant


    Only taking a look at "Explore" in more detail today and also can't seem to find where the customer feedback/comments are. The chart reminds us that there were comments left by customers, so where are they -- in an easy to access place that is?  As with others that voiced concerns, we use their comments to learn and adjust our game plan. If we can't report on them, then there isn't much point in sending surveys when a ticket completes, so I'd like to know what Zendesk plans are given the current Reporting widget is to be retired very soon.  


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