Enable Negative Deal Values to Manage Reductions and Cancelations for specific Products

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  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @...,

    You are correct that negative deal values are currently not supported within Sell. I will be sure to pass this feedback to our Product Team!  If you have a moment, could you elaborate a little further on how your team would use "negative deal values" in your account? 

    At this time, users can:

    1. Move deals to a "lost" or "unqualified" stage and report on the "lost reason" or "unqualified" reason to understand why a client was unsatisfied after a deal closed, or if a deal did not close at all.
    2. Use a combination of custom fields to track returns. Single-line text custom fields allow you to enter strings of text so you can enter a "-" sign and any dollar amount associated with a deal. A dropdown field can be used to mark the deal as a 'Return' and another number field to hold the negative value.

    Keep in mind that these are workaround solutions as Sell is mostly intended to be used as a source of truth for the revenue the sales team generates.

  • +1. I would also like to extend this use case to MRR driven / subscription based businesses. One of my customers has a subscription model for E-bikes focused on B2B. Their B2B customers can add/cancel a bike every month. Lets say they have 12 bikes this month, but would like to cancel 3 of them next month. Currently there is no way to create a negative deal that takes value / products from the current account spend. This means that they have no clear overview of their current book of business and takes a lot of manual time to edit these accounts.

  • Rob Herrmann


    It is to manage the account as a whole over time... current the Closed Deal value keeps climbing... but would be nice for it to reflect the true value of these of the clients as the return some products and purchase others in replacement/upgrades. When aggregating these fo a total of how many of each product, this is currently not possible as negative are not enabled.

    Maybe there needs to also be a an option for subscription based sales like the comment above to get the true annual (periodic) recurring potential of a client.


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