Collaborating on dashboards/queries

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  • Franco Landa

    +1 This has been a pain point for everyone from Team Leaders to Admins who all work on queries for their teams. With everyone spread out, it makes it extremely difficult to collaborate on queries with each other, or simply view a query just because someone else already has it open. This definitely needs to be improved. 

  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi @... and @Mark Powell,
    thanks for sharing your feedback about how you currently collaborate within Explore.

    I see you find it hard to work on the same query and dashboard.
    Where do you see the biggest impediment?
    Is it when working on the same query or when working on the same dashboard?

    Answering this question would help us to prioritize and address your need.


  • Franco Landa

    Hi @...,

    In the case of my organization, the biggest impediment is when attempting work on the same query.

    As Mark points out, though, working on the same dashboard can be difficult.

  • Mark Powell

    Hi @.... Thank you for your follow up.

    1. I think the biggest impediment is working on the same query. This is because there is no way for another user to even view the query in read-only mode.

    2. At least on the dashboard side, another user could view the published version of the dashboard. However, it would still be an important improvement for an admin to be able to view the current unpublished changes in read-only mode even if another user was editing.



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