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  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Yes please! This would be extremely helpful so that we can see which products and customers make more use of email tickets. We'd love to stop inbound email as a channel, since it takes the longest to get the data we need to help the customer. Being able to see which products and regions are ready for this switch would be great!

  • Mark Wiles

    Yes, we would really appreciate the ability to run reports directly based upon the email address through which the inquiry/ticket was received.  It's much cleaner/safer than having to go through an intermediate step of creating a trigger that creates a tag, or having to base it on the group/agent these tickets were assigned to . . . any of these could have changed during the desired reporting range (or you thought of them too late) . . . then you miss the opportunity to get the data you need.

    Thanks for considering this!


  • JJ Lim

    Yes, pls build this attribute.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    A second +1 from me! I really needed to be able to build a report off this data today and was let down.

    This is already an attribute on the ticket model in Support, can it please be added to the Explore Dataset?


  • Zac Garcia

    Hi all,

    Quick update on what we're doing:

    We use a custom dropdown field called "Received At" (not to be confused with "Received at" in business rules). We add each email address to the custom Received At field. Then, we create a new trigger for each email address in our instance. If the Received at value =, the Received At (custom) value is set to And so on for each email.

    The custom field is reportable, and the business rules set it based on the Received at value when the ticket is created through email. I hope this is helpful to other teams as well!


  • Kate Rowe

    That's +1 from me as well.  It seems very odd that this information is not accessible in the reporting framework. We have quite a number of different email channels and want to report on tickets created via different channels.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Bumping this one again, in the hopes that an Explore PM will catch it and respond.

    This would be a really big help in identifying popular channels of contact. We're currently trying to consolidate and deprecate some addresses, but we can't tell which ones receive volume, making it really hard to tackle this project intelligently. The only way we could get this data historically is to try to export and iterate through several hundred thousand tickets via the API, which is a waste of dev resources.

    This data's already part of the core ticket model (it's the "recipient:" attribute) it would be very helpful to have it made available in Explore. I won't presume to know what's involved in adding a new attribute to Explore, but from the end-user side, this feels like a really easy win. 

    Thanks for considering!

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    Thank you for the feedback. The Ticket received at email address attribute is indeed a very popular feature request. It wasn't prioritised before because there is a simple workaround that Zac kindly shared here. However, any workaround means that there is a need for manual tweaks that lead to human errors and additional time users need to spend on the implementation, hence this is not a cool experience. 

    We will be researching what attributes can be added to Support datasets in the first half of 2020 and received at email address is one of the top candidates.

  • RJ Hines

    This was an extremely helpful answer. Adding the custom tags as part of a trigger on incoming tickets for each Received At address is helping us get the data we need for one-off reports for the time being, but does not help historically, so hopefully this feature can be added soon.

  • Phil Crump


  • Nina Roth

    Any update here? This feels like a huge miss to not be able to pull reporting based on received at.

  • Franco Landa

    +1 on this. As Eugene noted on the "workaround", that is a manual adjustment that requires maintenance of something that is already being captured by Zendesk (i.e. a Search can filter by Received At address).

    Please make this available within Explore.

  • Sonia Radaelli

    Please we need it too

  • Jonathan Chalker

    +1 on recipient / received at address as a common attribute for Explore.

  • Jennifer Ko

    Yes, definitely need this feature. 

  • Kristel

    +1, we also need this, Is there some news already?


  • Elaine (GoodRx)

    Last update from Zendesk was 7 months ago indicating this might be added in the first half of 2020... We're in July now... Any update here? We need this, too.

    The "workaround" only works if it was set up from the beginning, so it can't account for closed tickets.

  • Oliver Cyples

    +1 for this also! This would be extremely useful for us separating out our incoming email channels

  • daniel.savage

    I'm pretty shocked this data isn't included in Explore already +1

  • Francois Spinnael

    Still no update on this matter ? 


    Zac solution isn't a solution. 

    It doesn't take into account all previous history. 

  • Christopher Silver

    +1 We're running into the same issue for historical data reporting

  • alexander.hett

    We would like to have this feature as well

  • Jahn Jerenz Bronilla

    Hello Eugene Orman - is there any update with this attribute? It's been 3 years since it has been raised.

  • Olena Gyrenko


  • Ryan Mumby

    @... There's been no update for a year and 6 months past the time you advised we would likely have this.

    Considering this ask is 3+ years old, this feature already existed with insights before its deprecation, and that the information already exists in the Zendesk data model.... what the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?

    I can't imagine this is technically challenging. Having to create a new field on every ticket form we use and an automation for it to be populated is not really an acceptable workaround as it ignores the entirety of past history. Plus... the data already exists as I'm sure you're aware. Throw us a bone here man!

  • Alexia Stemann Dahl Wolfhagen

    Whaaat? you can not do this? Why?

  • Jamie Noell

    We did finally implement our own custom field that is set by triggers to get this Received at data, but with a growing list of email addresses / teams coming into Zendesk, this is a lot of maintain.  It would be so helpful if Received at was a field in an Explore dataset.

  • Lendon Dimalaluan

    +1 We need this feature.

  • Alex

    Hi, just wondering what sort of workaround have people found to this. We just adopted Zendesk and my manager wants to know how many 'e-mails' we received each day. We only have one inbox added to zendesk. We have the professional feature of Explore and Professional for support. We really don't need any super fancy data but even with this I struggle. In outlook I have 78 new e-mail for day X but Zendesk says I received 45 Tickets. I added another option to include reopened tickets but the number I get is still short. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 

    Same goes for how many queries we solved. We may have replied to 100 queries but say if a ticket was reopened then we replied to it twice but it's the same ticket so it will only be counted once? 

    Sorry for sounding like an absolute rookie. 

    Thanks in advance,



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