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  • Sorin Alupoaie

    Great news everybody! The find and replace feature was implemented in our new Help Center Manager app. Now you can replace any outdated word or phrase across the entire help center, or just a subset of articles. 

    There are many other useful features included such as duplicate articles, link checker, media library.

    The app is approved and available on App's Marketplace: check it out here.

  • Mark Rickard

    I've inherited a knowledge base that was copied from a Wordpress implementation. There was code in Wordpress for blockquotes that I could easily convert to blockquote in the source code on a global scale using a Global Find and Replace, if it worked on source code as opposed to the editor.

  • Saikumar Rachamalla

    We want to delete a note from 1000+ articles. We don't find an option to do this in bulk. The note is the same across all the articles. Any ETA on this feature? Please suggest the best possible approach, if you have any. Thanks!

  • Shana Blackstone

    We started using the 3rd party app that Sorin mentions in these threads to find and replace. It's working quite well and is quite affordable. It sucks to have to use another application for something this basic but it was worth it for us rather than waiting. It also has the benefit of showing broken links along with all of the media we added.

  • Lisette Gerald-Yamasaki

    We just had a corporate style change, from one product name to another. 94% of our Guide articles are impacted. It would really help to have a find and replace function across all articles.

  • Ahmed Dahy

    We are rebranding some of our services and systems, we have many articles that the find and replace will become very handy

  • Noam Sharkany

    I see this is from 2021, do we have any news about this?

  • Stephen

    Katarina KochKatarzyna Karpinska - is there any update on your very exciting comment from last October?

    Are the new rich editting tools planned to be released before the end of the year or do you have a timeline for when this will be available?

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for your question. In 2022 we've been working hard on building the Content block editor (e.g. adding different tools to work with images) and we still have a few improvements in our plans (e.g. new tables). Once it's done we'll be expanding this functionality to the article editor and moving to more advanced features mentioned in my previous post.

  • Stephen

    Great - thank you so much for the feedback! :)
    Wonderful to hear.

  • Chris Gregory

    Hi Katarzyna Karpinska ,

    I just wanted to voice my support for this feature. As an admin, I would like to support my guides admin so that they can use their time to effectively curate valuable support content in our help center rather than spending time on repetitive work that should be automated to some extent. We have several re-brands in the works at the moment and this functionality would really help make brand name update a more manageable task. I really hope we will see this coming out some time in Q1 23.

  • Rich Talbot

    Is Find and Replace live now?  I don't see it in Guide and could really use it!  Above, it was mentioned this would be implemented in 2022 which has come and gone.


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