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  • Tony

    Hello Zendesk,

    I wanted to raise end users' unavailability to use markdown in tickets. This is a critical feature to many of your clients since any software company that uses your tools need to have proper formatting of the ticket contents by the end user. Receiving tickets from clients containing code, logs, a list of steps, or even bullet points makes the ticket content hard to read.

    Could you please share if there is a specific reason you do not consider implementing this?

  • Harald Niesche

    I wonder: is this issue a showcase how Zendesk recommends it's product to be used?
    Since it's original creation, Zendesk staff has only weighed in twice and never commented again.

    Is this a feature that will never be implemented?

    Then maybe this should be explicitly stated, ideally also giving the rationale.

    Otherwise it invites a less charitable interpretation that is "we don't care about our customers' clients and haven't received sufficient pushback to change that stance" -- meanwhile, this issue stays available because hiding it wouldn't improve the situation either, as has been discussed at the start of this multi-year discussion that is a shadow of the original multi-year thread on an older feedback forum that is no longer accessible.

    And if Zendesk showcases it's product as a place to park issues so they can be left to languish, I don't know what this says about Zendesk as a whole.



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