The option to ban IP addresses in ZenDesk Support (not Chat)

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  • Trapta Singh
    Community Moderator

    Hi @...,

    Try looking at this link:

    Let us know if this solves your issue.


    Team Diziana

  • Zornitsa Georgieva

    Yes, this article was already suggested but it is about allowing certain IP addresses, not banning them. If I have to allow IP addresses, then I need to create lists of dozens of addresses which is very time-consuming. On top of that, there will always be a chance to not allow a range which has to be allowed and potentially to restrict users from getting in touch with support.

    As said - restricting IP addresses is an option in Chat - why it is not an option in Support?

  • Stassa Miller


    Is the option below enabled:


  • Zornitsa Georgieva

    No, this option is not enabled and I don't find it helpful to enable it, then whitelist all clients' IP addresses just to exclude one. It is much easier just to ban one. "Stalking" - I used the word just because I don't want to dive in explanations what is happening so don't focus on it.

  • Karma Skye

    If the language they use is pretty consistent perhaps you can set up triggers to filter those tickets.

    But yes, I also wish we could ban IP addresses from support, not just chat. Having to see the ticket, then un-suspend the banned account then merge the accounts together then re-suspend is a big waste of time.

  • Adam Hanna

    Is there any update on this potentially becoming a feature? Have a customer that has submitted over 250 tickets in the past 24 hours from multiple different email addresses and would love to be able to ban their IP address or stop them in some way. Have done all the suggestions with some success each time, but they keep coming back with slightly different wording and a new email

  • Pablo Gomez

    We would also love the ability to blacklist IP Addresses. Is this something that is on the Zendesk team's radar?

  • Rudolph Beaton

    +1 for this becoming a feature! This seems like a core security functionality that is missing.

  • CJ Johnson

    Would love to see this as a feature as well. 

  • Javonda H. (Stormango)

    For months now we've had a particular customer send emails on a near-daily basis, requesting that we re-add content to our mobile game application that had been recently featured (we rotate content monthly) that they'd just missed. We've responded multiple times with estimates of when the content could be available again or hints of what might be coming next to the point of exhaustion but it seems the customer isn't reading our responses at all. Eventually, we marked the original email address as spam which lead them to send tickets from multiple new email addresses with different aliases. Would love to see a feature put in place by Zendesk so we could block the IP address.

    ~Now they've resorted to sending written letters to our office with the same requests that have already been answered in emails. (facepalm)

  • Harriet K

    +1 to blocking IP addresses in Support - the functionality is available in chat, so it'd be great to see this more widely available.

    Restricting the help center to certain IPs or requiring login is not an option for all Zendesk customers, and we don't have a way of handling problematic repeat end-users who make repeat emails to circumvent email blocks.

    Ideal solutions would be to block IPs, and/or have the ability to route via IP in triggers so tickets from that IP can be set to be solved or routed to be reviewed by a senior team.

  • Paul Lawrence

    +1 for the ability to ban specific IP addresses. This should be an account security feature.

  • Nora

    Would be very beneficial to our team as well!

  • Florian

    I think it's needed as well. We need to be able to ban a single IP address easily.

    Especially as any workaround doesn't help not to increase the ticket numbers uselessly.

  • Dave Jensen

    +1 this is a needed security feature. We have customers from all around the world and they are often contacting us from multiple devices so it's impossible to maintain an allowed list of IPs. We need the ability to only block certain IP's whenever we notice spam tickets being created. 

    Our current workaround is to use a trigger to assign the tickets to a manager who then bulk edits the tickets to spam. This is not a useful workaround as too much manual time is involved when there should be a simple IP Block in place.

  • Heather English

    +1 to adding this as a security feature.

  • Wattpad Help

    +1 would love to see this as a feature in the future - we receive tens of thousands of tickets a month, whitelisting IPs is not an option, and there is no other way than blocking IP to prevent abusive behavior for some users. 

  • Harper Dane

    +1 to this. We need to ban specific IP addresses from creating tickets or connecting via Widget when bad actors come into our Messaging and hurl vitriolic abuse at our agents.

    Whitelisting massive swaths of IPs just to get rid of 1 or 2 nasty little trolls is not a solution, it's yet another problem.

    Imagine coming to work every day and being called horrible names by some immature memelord, then having your admin say, "sorry, we can't blocklist that abuser."  It's unacceptable.

  • Richard Brereton

    We are being spammed by someone that keeps changing email address but uses the same IP address so I would really like to block that IP address. They are using the offline contact form on our chat widget

  • Florian

    We have the same problem and also need to ban only one specific IP address.
    I think Zendesk should be able to implement something easily.
    Would be great if Zendesk would stop to ignore their customers valid requests.

  • Michelle Z.

    This is a safety and security issue for your clients and their frontline teams. It's disappointing this has yet to be prioritized. 

  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks, I'm Caroline - one of the PMs at Zendesk working in the Trust and Safety group 👋

    Thanks for raising this topic and for all the feedback that you've left. I agree that there's probably two things we need to address here; suspending a user also applies to the IP address of that user, and extending the current IP restrictions in Admin Center to also work as a blocklist as well as an allowlist (which it is currently). 

    I'm kicking off some internal conversations based on this post and your feedback and will be back here once I have some ideas and problems to validate with you. Appreciate your partnership and patience. 

  • Jon Thorne

    Thanks Caroline. We need this too! Being spammed by a single IP address - hundreds of tickets, different (fake) users, different text so we can't easily set triggers...but the same IP. We need to be able to have a block list for IPs. Thanks


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