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    Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks all for continuing to push for improvements in this area. I wanted to provide an update since it's been a while since my last one. We did make a few changes recently to the macros admin page. 

    • Show the count of the number of macros in your filtered view.
    • New columns including the date each macro was created and last updated.
    • Easier sorting, by clicking on the column headers. 

    These changes were released in April

    As a reminder, the usage column defaults to the last 7 days, but by clicking on the AZ button near the top you change that to up to 30 days. 

    We have another enhancement planned soon, so that admins will be able to view agents' macros. I'll update when that's available. Other improvements to macros reporting are not currently on our roadmap for this year, but we do regularly revisit our priorities and adjust accordingly. Thanks again everyone for your feedback.

    I'd also encourage you to check out Pythia's macros reporting app in our marketplace for an immediate solution.

  • Joan

    Totally agree with Breona, this type of report should be available as we want to monitor usage by agent to ensure all are using them.  Please give this consideration Zendesk.

  • Cáit Towne

    Absolutely agree. This is completely necessary from both a performance tracking and content strategy perspective. It's impossible to perform routine maintenance on our content without these reports.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I know this may not help, but on the chance that it might. There is a tip here  that shows how to export a list of your macros. You can use that to do some housekeeping.

    If you are on the Enterprise Plan, you can modify the command to:

    ... to give a count of usage in the last 30 days.

  • Justin Mack

    I've been looking for this type of report for awhile now. I want to see how many times each of my employees has used this macro within a given period in order to give me a better picture of their work balance. I've tried adding tags and the problem with that is that tags can fall off for various reasons. I've brought this to Support's attention and they encouraged me to upvote this discussion so here I am! Seems like the data is tracked in some capacity given we can see the total usage of the macro within the last 7 days, but being able to run a report on macro usage would be extremely beneficial.

  • Nick Sauvé

    I'd like to add an upvote to this too. I know that we can use Tags to report out beyond the basic 30 days, but tags are a fairly unmanageable solution for this sort of reporting.

  • Andrei Kamarouski
    Community Moderator
    The Wise One - 2021

    Hi all, 

    There is a great solution – Advanced Macros Usage Reporting for Zendesk. It is a part of the Advanced Macros by Pythia app

  • Moe


    Needing to add tags (and unique tags at that) only for reporting would add unnecessary bloat to rules analysis and the Zendesk instance in general, especially if you use macros heavily. It'd be great if this was included natively in Explore, even just for the last 30 days or so, since it's available via API already.

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    I'm one of the Product Managers here at Zendesk working on our Macros experience. I really appreciate your feedback, ideas and patience! I'm looking at some of the improvements we could make, and I'd like to ask you all what would be the most impactful change we could make to macros admin?

    BTW, it's not very obvious, but it is possible to get usage for the last 30 days. You can do that by clicking on the AZ icon near the top right of the page:


  • FAT (Fabian)

    The most important information is to see the usage of macros over time - that I can track changes without switching between 7 and 30 days

  • FAT (Fabian)

    Additionally it would be great to get a statistic of macros used per agent - to see if some agents are refusing specific macros

  • Christopher Wooten

    Looks like there is still no update here.

  • Juli Hackenberger

    It would be helpful to be able to run a report in Explore to get a report on macros created and macros updated within a time period along with being able to report on macro usage without the use of tags because tags can be removed from a ticket very easily distorting the reporting on that tag. 

  • Nora

    I am surprised there isn't even an option to filter for a certain time period in Explore using the macro ID's?


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