Prioritize Bounced Email Notification


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  • Scott Mcloud

    The oldest support thread I've found on this exact issue was from 2014!  Changes are just around the corner, Zendesk says.  If I want to KNOW an email has sent, then I have to use something other than zendesk, which is a darn shame as Zendesk does a great job with our communications in so many other respects.

  • CJ Johnson

    Benjamin Kirsch Over a year has passed since your pinned comment, is this still planned? 

  • Dave Symonds

    Tumbleweeds - given Benji's last comment was 5 months ago he has probably departed the company and this is just hanging

  • Milena Rusanova

    Hi Benjamin Kirsch, do you have any updates on that? Your official comment from 2021 states that more information on the topic should have been available end of 2021?

    In my company use case we are syncing customers data, including email addresses, from our systems. We are also proactively contacting our customers and it is crucial to know if our message was delivered or not.

    If a customer email address is entered incorrect and we send a message through Outlook we would receive a notification that the email was not delivered due to invalid email address. But as we are now using Zendesk for all our communications, our agents will not be notified in any way if they send an proactive email from Zendesk to an invalid email address?!

    I suppose Zendesk also receives somewhere a notification for undeliverable proactive messages. How could we access this information until a dedicated View or ticket notifications is available for such cases?

    Please give us on update on this functionality? Additionally we require some workaround until this is done. Could you please advise us what workaround could we use to identify undelivered proactive emails from Zendesk?


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