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  • Stijn van Esveld

    @..., with all due respect, this was originally raised in January 2015. I don't think that "but they haven't been able to put it ahead of other items on the priority list." cuts it anymore. What is needed to get this on the priority list of your teams?

  • Au Finh

    @... totally understand. Just wanted to give you a +1 for the workaround idea using sounds. We’ll look into open sourcing the sound functionality, though, if that helps with your compliance requirements. You’d be able to see the source code, tailor it to your requirements, and upload it as your own app. 

  • Sarah Cotten

    @... This is really a necessity for teams where their sole focus isn't only answering tickets. This shouldn't be a hard task to fulfill. 

  • Saad Benryane

    I believe this feature should be the highest priority in the Roadmap.

    We have over 30 agents using Zendesk complaining only about that feature, added to all the testimonials within this thread, it goes without saying that a tool for support ticketing should notify agents when a new or updated ticket needs attention.

    Browser notifications are a standard on all modern browsers now and should be easy to develop.

    As the product owner for my team, setting up Zendesk Notification Apps available in the Marketplace has proven to be unsuccessful.

    Many of the Apps do not work consistently, I believe that if Zendesk makes this feature native, it will prevent many workarounds proposed here, which are also not as ideal as the native solution.

    Thank you for listening/reading!

  • Jared

    What is the record for time passed on such a popular request? Seems baffling that this SIMPLE feature that is almost universally standard in UIs has still not been added.


    That said, I am going to throw in my +1, Nicole... Glad you are still with us.

  • Freddy Cintron

    I looked at some of the recommended Chrome extensions but what I found is that they are too intrusive with the permissions. A lot of companies work with data sensitive requests and I believe that most of us ZenDesk users want a way to use a Chrome notification that so many websites offer.

    A feature that allows us to specify which category of tickets to notify us (New tickets for instance) would be great. I'd like to be able to work on other projects a couple of feet away from my workstation and receive an audible notification for any new tickets that come in. It saddens me that so many websites have this feature, but ZenDesk doesn't. The community definitely wants this feature as you can tell from all the comments :)

    Please let us know if this is something that the ZenDesk team is working on, or if it's a feature that will never come to fruition. A lot of users seems to be waiting anxiously and any feedback regarding this would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Danny H

    Zendesk Android app notifications work great but I'm already checking about 15 different things in my workflow. Would like this added.

    This website that I'm looking at, zendesk support, has notifications. That's nice. Wish I had that in my Zendesk.

  • Yahory Chabrouski

    When we can wait news about this feature? 
    Because support didn`t answer about this feature and only recommend follow this topic.

  • Au Finh

    @... @... @... @... The Playlist Ticket Assignment app now has sound notifications.

    Sounds work consistently even if your browser is minimized. The feature was inspired by Zendesk Chat. No hacks were used to implement sounds. Perfect if you also need an automated (round-robin) ticket assignment solution for Zendesk. 

    We also work with customers that have pretty strict data privacy/data security requirements. Feel free to contact us at if there are any concerns.

    Try it out for free

  • Anthony Smith

    This is amazing... such a simple feature, and still nothing from Zendesk.

  • Teodor Haralambiev

    Hello, +1 from my side about this feature. 

    It will be really great if we have browser notifications with some options for new tickets, assigned tickets, open tickets, updated tickets, etc...

    Mobile App notification is very good but it is useful while you are our of the office. 

    Also, the notification must be working even if the current open TAB is not the Zendesk Support system. 

  • Steve Klein

    The lack of this feature is especially annoying in light of the fact that so many other websites make my browser show this:

    I always click Block on my work computer. I don't want notifications from cnet or yahoo or cnn.

    The only website that I truly want to get notifications from is Zendesk.  

    Maybe the coders at Zendesk need some guidance. This website explains how to implement browser-based push notifications.  (And as soon as you click that link, you'll see a dialog box like the one above!)

  • Elizabeth Christensen

    We just started using Zendesk for our customer success organizations, which we are moving over from email. This feature (either an email notification OR a browser push notification) is the #1 most requested item across the 150 potential users. How can we get this prioritized?

  • Au Finh

    @... good point! You can set up email notifications using triggers. Here's an example that comes with Zendesk (at least it did for us when we signed up).

    Trigger name: Notify assignee of assignment

    Conditions (meet ALL)

    • Assignee > Changed
    • Assignee > Is not > (current user)


    • Email user > (assignee)
    • Email subject: [{{ticket.account}}] Assignment: {{ticket.title}}
    • Email body:
      You have been assigned to this ticket (#{{}}).



    I imagine you can probably set up similar triggers for new comments, etc.

    If you're using Gmail, you can also set up desktop notifications for email.

  • Ronald Devine

    Au Finh Saechao  Yes you could do a notification by email but the main focus of this thread that's been going on for a long time and has huge number of customers wanting this is notification via the browser or possibly a small app running as part of the basic Zendesk features.

    We don't want Zendesk to do what they are famous for now a days and bring out additional functions that should have been there in the first place and making you pay for it on top of what you pay now. Especially to those who have Enterprise level products.


  • Au Finh

    @... Totally understand. If there were a way to get it done with the Zendesk App Framework, we'd open source it or put up on the marketplace for free!

  • Joseph Crivello

    +1 Honestly amazing to me that this feature hasn't been implemented in Zendesk. This is such a basic failure to give attention to the most common use cases your customers are confronted with on a daily basis.

  • Steve Klein

    As a workaround, I've configured new tickets to send email messages. I use the Mac Mail app, which does have desktop notifications. Problem worked-around, but really, I shouldn't have to do this!

  • Teodor Haralambiev


    Emails are not good for notifications.

    Our company for example is receiving more than 100 emails per day. If I enable zendesk emails they will be more than 150-200 per day.  

    Please let us know could you develop a desktop notification option in zendesk or APP for the same? 

    Look at how many people are waiting for such a feature. 

    As a B2B service I think you should care what your customers want. 

  • Hello,

    i do think too that this should be implemented by Zendesk, ASAP as a standard feature.

    Meanwhile we are testing using the Google Chat Notifications, since we use Google suite.


    Step 1 - Go to Google Chat ( and create a room "Zendesk Notifications" (ex.)


    Step 2 - Select the room and add the Zendesk Bot to this group -> Bots (+) on the left menu bar


    Step 3 - Search for "zendesk" and add it to your room

    Step 4 - Authenticate and select the conditions for your tickets:

    Step 5 - Set the notifications ON in Google Chat settings>Notifications>Desktop. Enable sound and push notification options as desired. This setting is configured by each agent since notifications are a user defined setting.


    Hope it helps 'till we get this as a product feature.


  • Steve Klein

    @Fabricio Carvalho Freitas

    How does one create a group in google chat? There's no "create group" button I can find.

  • @... click in the search bar (top/left) or hit Ctrl+K, in english is actually "Create Room":

  • Steve Klein

    Thanks, @Fabricio Carvalho Freitas

    I found this Google article explaining the differences between groups and rooms, and it implied that both still existed in Google Chat.

    I set up a Room and added the bot. Hope it works!

  • Christian Holmes

    Thanks for the recommendation @...

    Could anyone give me an example of what the expected behaviour is after completed this, will it actually give a popup notification?


  • Hi @...! It shows up as a desktop notification (with sound too):

  • Christian Holmes

    Thats great @... thank you for this. 

  • Eitan Blumin

    That's a cool workaround, @....

    The same method could also be implemented using Slack integration as well.

    Although, if I'm not mistaken, you gotta have Slack open (either the app or in a browser tab) in order to see the popup notifications.

    Still, this is but a workaround and not an actual solution.

  • Yes @... it will work with Slack too, we haven't done tha way because we are only using Slack for IT & Process areas, and Google Chat is all over the company, including our Support agents.

    For Slack You can connect your Zendesk to a channel and it will pop up from your notifications since the browser tab is open I guess, but either if you have the Slack app for Windows installed and initializing as the users log on it should work too.

  • Alejandro Colon


    It looks like you might have been @mentioned a few times. 

    Can we get an official Zendesk response here?

  • AgriVision Equipment Group


    Any update on this as it's been 5 years?



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