Add CC Attribute to Reporting

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  • bill cicchetti

    In our case we would like to report off tickets that an agent (light or full)  is cc'd on and the CSAT results on those tickets.

    I think any sort of visibility of CC'd people in Explore is highly valuable and without it doesn't present a clear history of the ticket and those involved in the ticket activity.

  • Michael Chun

    +1 to needing this. If a field is on the ticket it should be reportable for any reason.

  • The Salvation Army

    Has there been an progress on this?

  • Linh Nguyen

    + 1, please do add it

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Thank you for sharing your feedback, Mike.

  • The Salvation Army

    This was something really lacking in Insights and it does not appear to be an option in Explore either. I really need this.

  • Robert Hood

    +1 for needing this.  I have a contractual need to report on CC's and would like to do it in Explore. 

  • Gomathi Panneerselvam

    Having to retreive the tickets with cc would be great. 

  • Ben Whitfield-Heap

    +1 we could really do with this feature

  • Craig Bailey

    Yup, we just bumped into this limitation today as well. It is a really important field for us and reports would provide extreme business value.

  • Eric Snyder

    +1 on wanting this feature in Explore

  • CJ Johnson

    I would also love this, would be really useful. 

  • Kirill Akimov

    Hi all!

    Really cool feature request, we also require it

  • Carly Files

    + 1 please add it

    We would like to use this to see if a client is cc'd on an internal ticket.  This will help improve our communication and organize our tickets.


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