Revert to last published state - "unpublished changes in editor"

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    Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, I am a Product Manager at Explore working on the dashboard builder.

    We understand your concerns and frustration with version control / undo-redo changes.
    This is something that is on our roadmap and we are actively researching different approaches to solving the problem.

    This thread is going to prove invaluable to our research.

    If anyone is interested in contributing more please let me know in this thread.

  • Klaas Römer

    Especially since the "undo" button doesn't seem to work properly on all changes, this feature would be highly appreciated.

  • Efrat Barak

    I second that! I run the automatic re-organizing and now I can't go back. 

  • Vincent Dollet

    Thank you all for your feedback on this topic. We do intend to enable you to view recent changes & revert to an earlier version, however I do not yet have an ETA.

    Many thanks for your continued patience

  • Kevin Vliet

    +1. I re-organized my widgets without first cloning my tab and doing so completely wrecked my dashboard. Lots of time and effort required now to undo what was done. A simple undo or revert changes would be extremely beneficial to have in situations like this. 

  • Greg Vowles

    I've spent pretty much the whole day working on a dashboard, was almost perfect. I was happy with it, but the alignment of some of the widgets were slightly out.  So, I used the 'Automatically Re-Organize Widgets' option and it immediately and completely wrecked the report. I mean car crashed it.  Literally everything has gone out of line and all of the widgets have been squished together, overlapping, things floating about.  It's now utterly unusable. I've basically lost a day's work because there is no undo option.

    There needs to be a warning to tell you that the change is irreversible or, ideally you'd get rid of the button altogether.  Pressing that button is the equivalent of asking your cleaner to tidy your room and they come in with a wrecking ball and smash the place up.

    I generally really like Zendesk and Explore, but this was a seriously poor experience.

  • Stephen Belleau
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    I found this very frustrating as well. IMO this should be prioritized as a bug fix rather than a new feature request. Not being able to edit the current version of a dashboard can be pretty crippling if someone has been testing things.

  • Katherine Aguilar

    This must be addressed ASAP. Lots of time and effort to undo changes. Copying dashboard doesn't work, as it keeps the unpublished dashboard changes.


  • Terry Ehrhard

    I would like to further show support for this need.  After using Explore for a while, although I appreciate the auto-saving aspects, the need to revert back to what is currently in production is sorely needed.  It is not productive or useful to have to make a copy each time you want to make changes and re-invite everyone who previously had access to the original report/dashboard just so you can revert back.  Frequently the need to experiment with a change to see how it will respond or intent to make a fix that might not be what is intended, but if a copy isn't made then you are basically screwed and you have to figure out how to undo what you just did.  This is poor functionality that needs versioning.  Think of any versioning system where you can select a version to revert back to.  That is what is needed....

  • Chad Hanna

    Agreed on this being something that is needed.  Having unpublished changes stuck in the editor makes it extremely difficult especially with the training being as limited as it is starting out.  If you want users to come up with innovative new views and train ourselves, we need the ability to edit without fear that we will make the dashboard not editable later without creating a clone.

  • Sumaiya Afzal

    Please add this feature ASAP! Not my area of expertise, so sorry if this is a stupid question. But since you already have a copy of the previously 'Published' version why can't you load that version into the editor when someone clicks a 'Discard' or 'Revert' button? 

  • Marisol Ares Barrera

    This seems to be a pretty critical feature as the "unpublished changes in editor" seems to appear even if you haven't made any changes but just gone in to check something. It makes me worry that I've changed something by mistake but I know I'll just have to go ahead an publish regardless as there is no choice...

  • Fauna

    Zendesk team, I love your product overall. And I really like Explore. But this is ridiculous. Not being able to jettison unpublished changes is just absurd. And the fact that this has been an open problem for over a year now, if not longer, just makes it so much worse. 

    Some of us depend on the dashboards in Explore to get anything done. Not being able to delete any unpublished changes means that the slightest screwup means you can never edit the dashboard again. You can't even clone it to fix it since the cloned version is based off the one in the editor, even though that one isn't published. If nothing else, cloning should only use the _published_ dashboard, since that's the one being used. 

  • Venkat Bellamkonda

    The first comment on this and request was made in Dec 2019 and we are now in June 2022 and still this simple feature/capability does not exist. It is very painful to not have an Undo and clear what is in the Editor so that you can just forget about the changes that you have not yet published.This ability exists in more reporting tools. When can we expect this feature. I see a Product Manager comment back in July 2020 and no further official comment. 

    Thank you. 

  • Robert Hoogendam

    Agree to the above, I almost could not resolve the issue caused by undo function.

    Disregarding and/or reverting changes pending in the editor is needed.

  • Bruno Cruz

    I've also had to redo dashboards due to this issue and find it strange such wasn't envisioned or considered problematic before launching Explore. The undo feature doesn't fully work and, even if it did, doesn't seem like good UX to be undoing multiple changes just to get to the last published state.

    Without this, I think I'll just stick with Insights until it's absolutely necessary to switch or until Explore is ready for production.

  • Fred Thomas

    Hi @...

    Are there any updates or timeline that you can share about this most urgent bug fix? I have just been nabbed hard by this...Many many hours down the drain. We'd very much like an update to this issue.

    Many thanks!

  • Daniel Chikanov


  • Quinton Myers

    Hi All,

    Can we (End Users) unite and upvote @...'s post above?

    This will ensure ZD weighs this feature as something to add to their product roadmap for Explore. The more upvotes the sooner we'll have this feature released.





  • Owen Greenberg

    +1. Undo broke my filter boxes to somehow render as entirely transparent and I can't just discard my changes... now I have to throw out the filters I put in and put them back one by one from scratch. I was very surprised to find that there was no "discard changes" or "close without saving" option!

    I also want to point out that this is inconsistent with query behavior: if you exit out from the query editor without saving, it asks you if you want to discard your changes or save. If you exit out from a dashboard, it keeps all unpublished changes without user input.

  • Jennifer Landry

    I agree with the above, this is extremely frustrating. It's been over a year. Any update on this feature? I waste more time trying to "fix" a change I made, that didn't work as intended. Please move this feature to the top of your Product Roadmap... If there is a "workaround", I would appreciate if someone could share. TIA!

  • William Flaugher

    Adding more support for this request. Very surprising that the system can recognize the current version of a dashboard and recognize un-published changes, but can't discard them.

    Every file/query/dashboard-editing solution I've used has had this ability, so it's shocking to see that Zendesk is treating it as a "feature" to be prioritized at some point in the future rather than a base-line necessity to be corrected as soon as possible.

  • Randy Gentil

    Hello - Any update on this enhancement and/ or fix? Not being able to revert to a previous version makes Explorer quite difficult to work with. Thanks~

  • Daniel Chikanov

    Can this please be implemented soon? It is getting increasingly frustrating not being able to "undo" or "redo" dashboard edits? For example, if i adjusted the dashboard width to test out the view, its impossible to go back without remembering what the previous dimensions are. 

  • Harriet Klymchuk

    +1 to this, and I agree with the sentiments of other commenters where this seems like a basic feature.

    It's time-consuming when you make a mistake, or an edit that you do not want published, and that error remains in the editor unless you remember the steps to undo the mistake.  The edits are also persistent so you can't quit and come back to it as it was originally, and it makes collaborating on dashboards difficult too.

    It would be helpful to have the options to:

    • undo or cancel all changes
    • highlight the changes in the editor, for example if I've opened a dashboard that says there are unpublished changes, it's not always clear what those changes are.
  • Patrick Kolberg

    Hi guys,

    I'm just chiming in to emphasize how important I think this subject is. I do not regard this as a feature request. To not be able to undo is more like a bug, in my opinion.

    Best regards from another victim of the horrendous automatic re-organizing button. :-)

  • Daniel James

    Just +1'ing here, ruined hours of work after giving the "automatic re-organizing" button a try. 

    And +1, that being reminded that my edits are unpublished just throws salt in the wound. I would argue they are very published.

    Would love to hear there's been an update and I just don't know where to find it. 

  • Lohith S

    Undo is a Must especially when you give an option of Automatic Re-Organize, which screws the widgets. All the 30+ widgets are now screwed when I click Edit on one of the dashboards.

  • Madeleine Cordrey-Jones

    My colleagues built a report and I had a play around in it just seeing what Explore could do. I didn't save my changes. Little did I know they were auto-saving. Now that I actually need to edit the report I'm unable to because every time I try to it says there are unpublished changes in the editor and I don't want to publish whatever I mucked around with when I was just testing functionality.

    Agree with what someone argued above that this seems more like a bug than a feature request.

  • The lack of this is causing us lots of frustration and wasted work. 


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