Zendesk Live Dashboard: Live Data by team and agent


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  • Karen Hynes
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Michael, 

    Yes there are plans for this, live agent performance data is targeted for q2 2022! Please refer to the following thread for further information and to add to the conversation: Agent "total online time" reporting.



  • CJ Johnson

    Karen Hynes It's now past Q2 2022, are there any updates on this? 

    Edit: to be clear, I'm also very interested in specifically being able to filter *by agent*, like the request above lays out. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi CJ,
    With the release of live agent status with drill-in in June, you can see how many agents are online and offline (e.g. separately in Messaging, Talk, and Support), filter those by Group, and then use drill-in to see a list of the online or offline agents. There's currently no ability to filter by agent, though.

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