Restrict agents from changing Display Name

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  • Sydney Neubauer

    We have the same problem. Agents change their names to just their first name so when searching them up, all we see are 4 Brittany's

  • Sarah Darmawan
    Zendesk Product Manager

    On both Chat and Messaging, agents can change their display names via Display Name or Alias on their Profile Settings respectively.

    We don't have any plans to work on restricting agents from doing so in the next year.

    We're committed to involving our users in building our product roadmap - we'll keep a lookout for similar requests in community posts.

  • Brian Barndt

    Sydney Neubauer not sure if this will help your situation or not but thought I'd pass it along... we changed the placeholders in our public comment signature to current_user.first_name and current_user.last_name which 'overrides' the Alias.

    Note: does not 'override' Alias

  • Sydney Neubauer

    Brian Barndt we actually use that already :)

    The issue we have is that when we add or remove agents from the group, when Agents update their names, in the group page there can be 7 Jessica's with no indication of what their full name is. So we have to go to all their profiles (which is also time-consuming) and update their profiles back so we can edit the group.

    Having the ability to lock it would prevent this issue.

    Also if we could lock their email address - we have run into the issue where Agents are removing their email address which prevents them from logging in.

  • Daniel Heard

    Sarah Darmawan

    Are there any plans to look at this again? Having a lot of agents with the same name can be complicated to figure out who each person is.


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