How to quickly add an outside (or non-helper) link in your header or other pages in your Guide theme

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  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing this, David!

  • Nikolaj Zavalny

    You have to shield the address that you want to link to with the quotes:

    < <a href=' target="_blank'>OtherCategory</a>
    > <a href='' target="_blank">OtherCategory</a>

    Otherwise, it'll try to got to which obviously doesn't exist.

  • David Raboy

    Thanks Nikolaj!  Just updated the code.  Didn't notice it earlier. 

  • Michael Lorch

    Hello Everyone! 

    How would one add an anchored header but have it display in multiple languages?

    English is fine but the link is showing up only in English for all languages and want to fix this. Appreciate your help and time.

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    Hey Michael,

    You'd typically do this with Dynamic Content. Create the multilingual Dynamic Content in Zendesk and the setup the header. Instead of an English string, use the Dynamic content placeholder. Note that in Guide, you need to adjust the placeholders a bit. If your placeholder was {{dc.mikes-text}} in Guide you'd put {{dc 'mikes-text'}} in the Guide code. 

    Here's a link with some steps on how to use Dynamic Content to get you started.


  • Mayan Kopit

    Hi, Thank you for the article - it was super helpful.

    I have an additional question:

    I have 2 environments:



    I want to refer our customers to a link in our platform, however I want the customers that connected using to get to platform,

    AND to get to us-platform,

    Is there any way to do so?



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