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  • Molly VS
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Chloe,

    Welcome to The Community! To filter for reopens in Explore, you can use the Reopens Bracket and exclude or include the number of reopens as per your preference:


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    The reply above is a bit misleading... Reopens seems to refer to Solved tickets whose update reopens them, i.e. their status changes to Open (source article; "Reopened Tickets: The percentage of reopened tickets that were previously marked as Solved.")

    One way of reporting on follow-up tickets, for example:

    • Trigger 1. When ticket is updated AND status changes to Closed = add tag ticket_closed
    • Trigger 2 (placed at the very top of trigger list). When ticket is created AND tag = ticket_closed = remove ticket_closed + add ticket_followup

    To report on follow-up tickets, you now have the tag 'ticket_followup'.

    (Instead of a tag, you could have a checkbox or some other field, of course.)

  • Violeta Micu


    There are 2 ways to see the Follow up tickets in explore.

    Dataset: Ticket Events

    1. This solution helps you to see quickly how many follow-up tickets you have:

    Metrics: Tickets created

    Filters: Update channel

    Attribute Values: Closed Ticket

    2. This one will help you to have one defined metric for follow up tickets. In this case you would be able to add other metrics to compare, like total created tickets :)

    Define Standard calculated metric:

    IF ([Changes - Field name]="status" AND [Changes - Previous value]=NULL)
    AND [Update channel]="Closed Ticket"
    THEN [Update ID]

    After creating the metric you will use COUNT instead of SUM

    I compared the data with the one from Insights and it seems correct.


    Happy reporting!


  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Awesome, thanks Violeta!


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