Unable to add email aliases to Zendesk (Channels > Emails)


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    Ryan Winkler
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Everyone --

    Just came across this from another customer and wanted to give a quick update, from a support perspective. While we still do not support the use of aliases and distribution lists, due to instability and consistency of the emails themselves, we do allow you to use them at your own risk (which many do).

    There is now a new option under the "Add Address", listed as "Connect other", please use this for anything that will not pass DNS lookups (Aliases/Google Groups/Distribution lists):

  • Erick

    Was going through this yesterday Paula. I spoke with a few reps who were able to finally assist. The new set up won't allow aliases to be forwarded to Zendesk like they use to be. I want this feature back to avoid having my clients needing to purchase another license (gmail) just for support. That was my work around, purchasing another license that only is used for support tickets which then go to Zendesk. 

    Hope I was able to help in any way. 

  • Paula

    Hi Erick,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Do you know how many aliases are included in this license?

    Also, is this change something that Zendesk is currently working on reversing?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Erick

    Speaking on Gmail specifically, I'm pretty sure there is not a number on how many aliases you can create per license.

    Zendesk is not working on this unfortunately. The only way I see it coming to fruition is if enough people request this be an option. 

  • Paula

    Sorry, I think I may not have conveyed this clearly. You mentioned, "...purchasing another license that only is used for support tickets which then go to Zendesk."

    Did you mean that users will now have to purchase another Zendesk license or Gmail license?

  • Erick

    No worries. You'd have to have another license from Gmail. 

  • Owen Pragel

    @erick @paula

    Spoke with Zendesk support and understand what's going wrong here. They now look up your domain's DNS records to determine if you use Google Apps/Office 365/etc, and then incorrect assume you want to use a user account and forward from it in a very simple, consumer-friendly way.

    Here's the workaround - you can still addresses in the old way using this address: yourzddomain.zendesk.com/settings/recipient_addresses/new

    I think there's a fair chance Zendesk will change how this functionality works soon. Last, this is my recommended guide for setting up support addresses in Google Apps, it does not require users, groups, or aliases - just mail routes:


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

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