Is there a way to disable reCAPTCHA for clients?

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  • Maria cleh


    it is very easy to remove captcha for client. If you're using WordPress platform for your website then you can update Captcha setting to disable recaptcha for client. Moreover visit here for more info. If you're using another platform then mention. I will give you better suggestions.

    Regards: Maria Cleh

  • Holly

    Hi Maria, 

    I appreciate the reply, but I was wondering how to remove it for Zendesk whenever a client logs in. 

  • Dylan Tragjasi
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Holly, it is not currently possible to disable CAPTCHA in Zendesk. The CAPTCHA will be presented to incoming traffic in Zendesk based on whether that traffic is detected as a potential bot.

    You can find more information on CAPTCHA in Zendesk, and why it behaves in the way it does in our CAPTCHA FAQ:


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