Agents should be able to create users

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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Josh,

    This is a setting that you can control with the Custom Roles feature on the Enterprise plan. 

    Below is a screenshot for a custom role setting where you can select what access the agent has to user profiles. 

    I can confirm you can set a custom role to be restricted to tickets within the agents group only, but still allow them to create users like you're wanting too with this setting. 




  • Brent Burrows II

    What if we are not on the enterprise plan? This seems like an essential feature that was all of a sudden taken away and now makes life way harder for agents & admins alike. This worked great up until very recently, and now it seems my options are to either pay way more for an enterprise plan or open up all tickets to agents who don't need to see all tickets. 

    Frustrating - if agents can't add users at their well then ZD has all of a sudden lost a lot of it's appeal. 

  • Nate Williams

    Starting today I have had several agents report to me that they are now experiencing this issue.  We are on Professional.  I would like to understand why the ability to create new users was taken away from agents.  Many times we have external customers or new customers contact us through phone or direct email and we would like our agents to be able to manually submit a ticket for them for correspondence and tracking.  Now they are having to have admins (me) create these customers before they can do so... frustrating.  

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Nate, 

    I can see that a colleague is already working on this issue. Rest assured that we'll do our best to identify the root cause of the incident. 
  • Andy K.

    I'm on professional with 8 units, and my normal agents cannot create a User yet? 

    This seems a little ridiculous, does it not? Is there any update on this? 


  • Sijthoff Media IT

    Would be great if this feature is available for Professional plan too. Makes the work difficult and time consuming for agents. 


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