Support should include a bell icon that provides a quick overview of unread @mentions

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  • Darren Bell

    +1 to this.

    Zendesk have this feature on this site. I have a bell icon next to my name with a number inside a red circle and then all the Notifications on followed posts. So they know how to do it! :-)

  • Budke, John

    I've always wondered why there is no notification or sound (a la Outlook) when a ticket is created or updated.  The only ways I know when something actionable has arrived is by a) leaving the ZD window open on a 2nd screen; b) checking it often; c) the mobile app - my chief method since it does alert; d) having an email sent (which we do for updates and reopens, but not new).


  • Ron de Vries


    This would be great! And as Darren Bell mentions: Zendesk already has this in their own Help Centre. Would be great if this could be made available for their customers as well. 


  • Michela Maineri


    as mentioned in previous posts, since company adopted Zendesk, our staff is strongly obstructed by the fact that notifications are only temporary.

    By temporary notifications, the risk is to miss final clients' answers and other department's colleagues answers so that we have customers wait for too long for replies.

    It would be appreciated to have a system of permanent notifications(such a bell or area dedicated as in other platform) where agents also could monitor them.

    In order to run daily tasks, we sugget the following useful and necessary alerts:

    - notification when a ticket has side conversation replies to be read!

    - notification when a ticket is created or updated or Bold ticket.title id ticket, if there are updates(replies to be read) 

    - notification when someone (with account ZD) is mentioned

    - notification when someone is Follower of a ticket


    Thank you in advance.


  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hey Michela, thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. It has been logged for our PM's to review. For others who may be interested in this feature request, please show your support by either upvoting or adding your use case in the comments. Thanks so much!

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